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Retail impossible to open again on March 29, says Minister

Given the health circumstances, it is impossible for retail to open again on March 29, deputy Interior Minister Stelios Petsas said on Tuesday morning.

“The government priority is the public health and currently the opening of stores is impossible to happen,” Petsas told Skai TV. he estimated that things will be much better over Easter (May 2) and did not rule out that travel between different regional units may be allowed over the holidays.

With the situation in public hospitals in Attica described as dramatic, epidemiologists are not expected to give soon the green light for the substantial reopening of retail and schools.

“Any opening has its risks,” Alkiviadis Vatopoulos, professor of microbiology at the University of West Attica told media on Monday.

Government source have reportedly told media that there are no stricter measures that the state can take and that it is now up to members of the public to comply with the existing restrictions.

Crucial for further decisions is that the number coronavirus cases stabilize and start declining.

Hairdressers, nail salons and archaeological sites opened again since March 22, and the curfew on weekends was shortened but restrictions remain, including exit from home with SMS or special working permissions.

On Monday the health ministry forcibly mobilized over 150 private doctors to help at the public hospitals. On the same day, some 60 Covid-patients intubated with portable ventilators were waiting in normal wards for a bed in ICU.

Latest information on coronavirus in Greece here.

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  1. Why not give everybody, including school children, their old age pensions now! At least end the uncertainty of not knowing our future.
    Only the politicians know for sure their future prospects – we certainly wont be voting them back into office.

  2. No more than a different and quite severe flu. You stand a chance of catching flu when you go to a cinema, catch a plane or go into any place with crowds of people. It has been like this for centuries. If you want to reduce your chances of catching a flu or any other contagious disease, for whatever reason , then don’t put yourself at risk… stay at home or where a mask wherever you want, don’t visit a friend who is unwell…. but don’t expect the entire world to do the same. Don’t lock people away, shut down business, starve people, create stress, depression and breakdown to the point of suicide, deplete Governments of much needed funds, deprive school children and students of education and so the list goes on and on. Keep fit both physically and mentally , eat well, boost your system with vitamins and get good sleep. Enjoy life.

  3. Tourists coming to a lockdown situation with no retail open?

    • Well it’s not like most of retail can open anymore anyway, everyone’s bankrupt now thanks to these muppets