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Emergency “pandemic” grant to be given to the Church of Greece, other religious entities

An extraordinary emergency grant due to the pandemic will be allocated to the Church of Greece, the Church of Crete, the Holy Metropolises of Dodecanese, the Central Israeli Council of Greece, Ecclesiastical Legal Entities and Religious Legal Entities, the Education & Religious Affairs Ministry decided on Wednesday.

The allowance is given to deal with their emergencies due to the coronavirus and to strengthen their charitable work.

The aid is provided for in an amendment tabled to the bill with the emergency arrangements due to the pandemic.

The amount of the grant, the criteria and conditions for its award per beneficiary and any other procedural issues will be provided with a specific decision (KYA).

Therefore, it is not possible to determine the expenditure of the state budget, the amendment stated.

  • It is highly interesting, though, that the total grant is, in fact, a blank check that the lawmakers will vote in favor of…

The same amendment allows the exceptional recruitment of Greek citizens of the Muslim minority who are graduates of the seminaries of Echinos and Komotini or graduates of Primary or Secondary Education with ten years of service in the subject. The amendment was tabled by the Ministers of Finance and Education and Religions.

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  1. Unbelievable, pun intended.

  2. The Church is wealthy enough! Wonder who’s pocket the money will go into.