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Kara Tepe evacuation started, migrants moved to …temporary fenced camp nearby

The first 54 of some 600 migrants who currently stay at the Kara Tepe reception and identification center on Lesvos island were transferred to a temporary fenced camp nearby early Saturday morning. The evacuation has been made in view of Kara Tepe shutting down in a few days’ time, the Migration & Asylum Ministry said.

NGOs like Doctors Without Borders criticized the evacuation of vulnerable people among them sick and babies that took place at 5 o’ clock in a rainy morning.


Another 350 asylum seekers will be transferred off camp by Wednesday, while some 200 remaining residents will be transferred to other hosting facilities in the Greek mainland, the Migation Ministry said further.

The Kara Tepe hotspot, which was set up on public land after Moria hotspot burned down, will shut down and be turned over to the local residents. Its facilities will be moved to a new area of nearly 240 stremmas (24 hectares) at the borders to the city of Mitilini.

In addition, other facilities hosting migrants there, such as the Estia apartments, will no longer do so after the new closed control facility is built, the latest by November 2021. The new center’s capacity will be 3,000.

PS What is the point of moving people from a tent camp to fenced camp with temporary tents nearby?

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