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Restaurant customers will not need to send sms, says Greek official

Restaurants customers will not need to send an sms and can move to different municipality, Secretary General for Trade and Consumer Protection Panagiotis Stampoulidis said in an interview with ANT1 TV on Monday morning.

“Inter-municipal movement will be allowed from May 3” and “citizens will not have to send an sms to visit restaurants,” Stampoulidis said.

Restaurants will have to close at 11 p.m. and continue operation with delivery and take away services, he added.

To the recent statement by Development Minister that restaurant customers can leave the facility at 11 p.m. and there will be no violation fine, when the night curfew begins, Stampoulidis said that “all citizens will have to be at home at 11 p.m.”

The secretary general noted further noted that government decisions for all these issues are expected in the middle of the week.

PS How much do they need to drive Greeks crazy? Restaurant customers will not send sms but the rest of us will do just to go to the kiosk 50 meters away? What is equally bad is that the government right hand has no idea what the left hand do. The secretary for Trade and Commerce has apparently forgotten that citizens move to other municipalities for retail shopping especially after shopping centers and discount villages opened on Saturday.

And all this, the secret-open disagreements between ministers of the same ministry, epidemiologists and ruling authorities, confusion to lockdown-fed-up Greeks who have already started going out without sms.

For much of the rules violations is the government to blame for sending ambiguous messages and less the citizens’ “personal responsibility” as they want us to believe.

With this dilettante and mad-man’s ruling I wouldn’t be surprise if they will soon order full face snorkel masks for swimmers.

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  1. What a complete mess! So if I understand correctly with my limited brain, all people have to be at home after 11 PM, but takeaway is still allowed after 11 PM… Scotty, beam me up! They have gone crazy in Greece.

    • Fortunately I already have a full face snorkel mask, so I got that covered.
      But I think the law will change again soon and you will need a temporary AMKA number to purchase one, plus photo proof that both sets of grandparents are still alive.
      Hey!!!!! If the people in charge can be stupid, then so can I

  2. What is the difference between a municipality and a region ?

    • There’s a fantastic invention called ‘the internet’ that you might find useful….

    • Greece knows 3 levels: province, region and municipality. Like Crete is divided in 4 regions Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion and Lassithi. Each region is divided in multiple municipalities.

  3. I stopped sending a SMS to leave the house about a month ago because no one ever checks! And I have passed in front of police numerous times. Anyway, I only leave my house to go to the super market or to take my kid somewhere., and wearing my mask. The SMS thing just felt pointless after some time.