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Greece updates Covid-map, downgrades several areas from “deep red” to “red”

Greece’s Civil Protection updated the Covid-map and placed new areas in “very high risk” category, i.e. “deep red”. At the same time, it downgraded several regional units and municipalities from “deep red” to “red.”

At the Live Briefing on Wednesday, Head of Civil Protections Nikos Hardalias also warned the residents of several areas, in particular on specific islands, that they should stick with the protection measures against the pandemic.

New areas in “deep red”

Municipality of Xanthi, where the active cases have increased to 157 from 116 where it was on April 17 (increase of 35.34%)

Municipality of Iasmos of the Regional Unit of Rodopi, where the active cases have increased to 24 from 3 that were on April 17, ie they have increased 8-fold.

Areas from “deep red” to “red”

Regional Units:

Zakynthos: 43 active cases when at the maximum of the epidemiological curve it was 112 (decrease by 61.61%)

Argolida: 134 active cases when at the maximum of the epidemiological curve it had 224 (-40.18%)

Kos: 51 active cases from 115 at the maximum of the epidemiological curve (-55.65%).


Pydna – Kolindros of the Peripheral Unit of Pieria: 23 (decrease 47.73%).

Grevena: 39 active cases (decrease 62.5%)

Karditsa:112 active cases (decrease 59.42%).



Hardalias noted that in the last 7 days there has been a decrease in the viral load to 46 of the total 74 Regional Units of the country, including the Attica Region, as well as the Regional Units of Thessaloniki, Kozani and Achaia.

At the same time, 9 Regional Units remain stable, while 19 show an increase of more than 5%, ie these areas that still need special attention are:

the Regional Units of Milos, Florina, Lesvos, Paros, Thira, Thesprotia, Ioannina, Arta, Kalymnos, Imathia, Fthiotida, Kefallinia, Evia, Xanthi, Preveza, Chania, Rethymno, Drama and Trikala.

Especially for these areas, a strong recommendation is for strict observance of the protection measures.

The remaining regional units and municipalities maintain the same status.

More information on coronavirus in Greece here.

*The Covid-map on thumbnail doesn’t correspond exactly to the Civil Protection announcement. The CP Authority has long gave up updating the Covid-map with a graphic.

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  1. The map shown at the top of the article is the level of infection map, not the protection map. The protection map has not been updated since the 17 April nor have the protection measures described under the map, which have never agreed with the briefing announcements even when it was updated. What is the point of having an official government protection map with an official government description of the measures in each classification if it does not show the latest decisions.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      The CP didn’t even post today’s Live announcements on measures/lifting & map/regions. They gave up long ago.