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Young British mom brutally murdered during burglary; baby unharmed

A 20-year-old British mother was brutally murdered during a violent burglary in the family’s home in Glyka Nera suburb in North-East Athens on Tuesday morning. The woman was found strangled in her bed with her 11-month-old baby laying next to her. The baby was unharmed. Her Greek husband was tied to a chair.

According to preliminary information and based on fragments of the husband’s testimony, a gang of three men snicked into the two-storey house through a back window in the early hours of Tuesday.

The burglars tied the husband on a chair and went after the wife who was hiding in the attic. They tied her as well and presser her to tell them where the family’s money is hidden.

According to media reports, the perpetrators tied and beat the young British mother and strangled her to death.

The burglars reportedly left with some 10 to 15 thousand euros in cash and valuables.

Before snicking into the house, they had hanged the family dog to stop it from barking and alert the neighbors.

The 20-year-old mother was married to a 32-year-old pilot at the Greek Civil Aviation. Caroline, as media identify the young British mom with first name, was also a student the University of Piraeus.
The pictures are apparently from the social media accounts of the couple.

The husband is reportedly still in state of shock Tuesday noon and police is stand by to thoroughly question him. It was reportedly him who managed to reach his mobile phone and tap the police phone line with his nose.

Police handed out the baby girl to the grand mother and it was transferred to the Children’s hospital in Athens for examination.

The perpetrators were speaking broken Greek.

According to latest information, in an effort to force the couple to tell them where they were hiding the money, the unscrupulous buglers threatened the baby with a gun.

They then tied the man to a chair and started torturing the young woman. She kept shouting and calling for help and then, they put a pillow over her face suffocating her to death.

Police suspects that they had previous information about the financial status of the family and that a fourth man was the lookout outside during the burglary.

ANT1 TV reported that a neighbor had called the police that “something suspicious” is taking place in the family’s house before the husband managed to call.

Neighbors said they had seen a suspicious vehicle in the area in the last days. They complained that the is no police station nearby.

Τhe brutality of the crime and the tragedy that hit the young family has shocked the Greek society.

Τhe victim had reportedly moved to the island of Alonissos with her parents when she was a child. The British family was an integral part of the expats community of the Sporades island.

Police continues investigation.

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