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Greece ends sms, shortens curfew, allows inter-regional travel

Greece ‘s authorities announced on Wednesday the much anticipated lifting of major lockdown restrictions such as the sending of sms to leave home, for shopping and other activities and the inter-regional travel.

Furthermore, it shortens further the night curfew.

From early Friday morning, 14. May 2021, the following is in force:

No more sms to <13033> and <13032> to leave home for shopping and any other activity.

No more Click Away and Click Inside for retail shopping

Night Curfew starts at 00:30 and this means the extension of operation of restaurants, cafes and bars until 15 minutes before the curfew start.

Inter-regional travel

No preconditions for those traveling through the mainland. However, self-test is recommended when travel to a different regional unit.

However, those traveling to and from the islands will need negative self-test, molecular PCR or Rapid test prior to the travel. The results will have to be shown to staff of ferries, ships and airline companies.

Those who have been infected with Covid-19 will need an official document – 2 months after the recovery.

Those who have been vaccinated will need to show a proof of their vaccination – 14 days after full vaccination.

A vaccination confirmation can be obtained at the government platform emvolio. 14 days after the second dose – and possible after the single jab with Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Full details for Covid-19 documents needed to travel to/from Greek islands here

Greece officially opens its gates to tourism on May 14/15 with a specific protocol:

  • either a vaccination certificate confirming both doses – issues by the national countries authorities 14 days after the vaccination of both doses or one if Johnson & Johnson.
  • or a negative PCR test carried out 72 hours before arrival to Greece.

Officials announcing the lockdown relaxation said that from June 1st, Greece will accept the EU “Green Covid-19 Pass.”

Music will still be not allowed in restaurants etc through the month of May.

Note no reference has been made to the mask obligation, meaning that the measure as well as social distancing and disinfection etc remain in force as such.

Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis is expected to announce the provisions for the entrance through Greece’s airports, ports and land borders on Thursday, May 13.

More information on coronavirus in Greece here.

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  1. Are social gatherings now allowed at home with the correct distancing.

  2. This Wuhan virus situation has basically informed us that the governments are full of morons and idiots.