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Greek FM condemns Hamas, says “Israel has right to self-defense”

“I condemn in the clearest way the firing of thousands of rockets by Hamas against Israel,” Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias told reporters on Tuesday following meetings with officials of the Israeli government and the Palestinian authority.

He reiterated Greece’s position that “Israel, like every country in the world, has the right to self-defense,” and urged that an initiative should take place to end the conflict.

“I made it clear that an immediate ceasefire is needed, protection of human rights, protection of human life. I condemned in the clearest way the firing of thousands of rockets by Hamas against Israel. It is an action absolutely and universally condemnable. I also said that Israel, like every country in the world, has the right to self-defense,” the Greek FM said.

He added that “beyond that, I said that an initiative should be taken for the Middle East. The gap, that is, the lack of initiative, creates issues that we see ahead of us. Human tragedies. The solution we have to come up with is clear. It is the solution provided for by international law and United Nations Security Council resolutions. Two states on the 1967 border with Jerusalem, the capital of both states.”

Responding to a journalist question about the current situation in Gaza, Dendias said “I think that the humanitarian situation in Gaza is absolutely problematic and we need to do everything we can to help. But I repeat, Hamas is absolutely doomed to launch thousands of rockets against civilians.”

Referring to Turkey’s role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the FM said “What I have to say is that inflammatory statements and unilateral attitudes in a particularly sensitive situation, in a particularly sensitive area do not help.”

Source; Greek MFA website

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  1. Disgraceful

  2. The Foreign Minister should read the news. Hamas had asked for a ceasefire very early in the conflict, but the IDF denied it. They said very clearly on a BBC interview that there cannot be a ceasefire until they have eliminated all Hamas intel, communications, arsenal, infrastructure,etc. They said they have to teach them a lesson not to send rockets into Israel, and if the IDF doesn’t complete their mission, then Hamas may try again in 6 months.

    So if Hamas asked for a ceasefire many days ago, and Israel said they are going to exterminate Hamas, how can the Greek FM take that stance?

    So much for his mediator role! All he did was show support for Israel. He did not show diplomacy.

  3. Of course Dendias, just another hypocrite in the Greek government, has condemned Hamas and not Israel because the latter has expressed solidarity with Greece regarding the tit for tat conflict with Turkey. Don’t expect any principled stance from politicians, the lowest breed on earth.

  4. HE wouldn’t say that if it were his children being bombed out other small patch of country where they have been driven.

    Politicians should show a bit of courage and get out there to fight each other instead of cowardly hiding behind the scenes if they are too pathetic hold talks and make sensible decisions.

    it’s children who are suffering, death, wounds and starvation.

  5. Stop repeating U S and have a mind of your own.

  6. Basically Hamas is well considered as a terroristic group all among the European countries except Norway and Switzerland. Beside this fact it was Hamas who started to attack by missiles provided by Turkey, Iran’s regim and Qatar.They must know when someone kill the innocent people on the street, it will be a punishment for sure! It’s a dangerous time and we all need to stand with Israel and condemn any terroristic attack! Happy for this right position taking by Greek government.

  7. Pathetic. Dendias just spouting the Israeli government line – though fairly predictable given Greece’s alliance with Israel against Turkey. How any government can seek to justify the kind of wilful destruction and death that Israel is bringing to the people of Gaza is beyond me. I’m not saying Hamas are the good guys – but Israel’s claim that they are somehow innocent victims in this matter is absurd.