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Greece extends directive for flight passengers and ban to non-EU citizens

Greece’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) extended on Saturday the last air directive (notam) that bans non-EU citizens from entering the country. The notam has been extended until 6 a.m. May 31, 2021.

Extended until May 31 is also the notam regarding the Covid-19 requirements for domestic flights to the Greek islands.

The CAA notes that permanent residents of the European Union and the Schengen area are exempted from this notam, as are citizens from the following 21 countries:

Australia, North Macedonia, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, United Kingdom, Israel, Canada, Belarus, Bahrain, New Zealand, South Korea, Qatar, China, Kuwait, Ukraine, Rwanda, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Serbia and Thailand

All persons arriving in Greece from the above countries must either have a certificate (in English) issued by the relevant authority in their country of departure that they have completed vaccination at least 14 days before arrival or have a negative result in a PCR test for Covid-19 performed in the last 72 hours before arrival.

The current notam came into effect on May 14.

CAA press release in Greek here

The notam of May 13 that has been extended (in English) here

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  1. That appears to mean that a resident with a Greek covid certificate returning from a short trip to the UK (or one of the other countries on the list) would not have the Greek cerificate accepted as proof of vaccination . I suspect that is not how it will work.

  2. Any news on relaxin measures to children from Serbia?
    You know Greece is not only country with sea and beaches!