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Face masks obligation could end late September if vaccination rollout progresses, says Doctors’ President

Authorities could lift the obligatory use of face masks in late September if Greece has vaccinated  80% of its population by late August, the president of the Athens and Piraeus hospital doctors’ association (EINAP), Matina Pagoni said on Wednesday.

Speaking to Skai TV , Pagoni said if 80% of the population is vaccinated by end of August, it means that there is safety and we could take off the masks around September 20.

She added that as the vaccination rollout progresses even the small percentage of people who will get infected will develop mild symptoms and will not need treatment in ICU.

Pagoni predicted that daily Covid-19 infections will persist at relatively high levels before they drop to around 1,000 in late June.

The number of patients in the country’s intensive care units (ICU) will also gradually decline, she added.

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  1. …and i suppose if we don’t want their injections, then it’s masks forever?
    does she even have any concept any longer, that she has no right to impose this nonsense on people? that the more she and those like her press such heavy-handed insanity, the greater the likelihood they end up behind bars?

    • I fully agree with you. Wearing face mask outdoors is idiotic. It’s still fear that rules. If sufficient persons take the jab we are all safe and vaccination ID is not necessary at all.
      Time to have our freedom back.

  2. Not only “sufficient” persons but EVERYONE should be vaccinated. Otherwise no one will be safe because the virus will still haunt us all, spread by unvaccinated people!

    • You say that no one will be safe unless everyone is vaccinated?? So, the vaccine only works if everyone else has it too? Is that what you’re claiming? None of that makes any sense. Also getting or not getting the vaccine is a PERSONAL choice. Nobody has the right to make personal health decisions for anyone. It’s literally my body, my choice. You have your shot if you’re scared and trust that it works and then you’re safe right? And if somehow you are not safe after that, then the vaccine doesn’t work and nobody should take the risk

    • Late September…Sounds like Greece is going round in circles!
      Why would anyone travel to Greece & wear a mask in the heat for 2 weeks?

  3. As if the tourists will be wearing face masks.

  4. Struggle with masks all summer! She has to be joking.
    It’s not as though they even work…..

  5. “It’s not as though they even work…..”

    Please tell me you’re not REALLY that stupid…

    • Do you know how small virus particles are?
      It’s like stopping a mosquito with chicken wire!