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Ouzo, Tsipouro, Tsikoudia secure international “Geographic Indication” protection

The European Commission has approved the “Geographic Indication” for the Greek Ouzo, Tsipouro and Tsikoudia that will be registered in the international register of the Geneva Act of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

According to an announcement by the Association of Greek Producers of Spirits & Alcoholic Beverages, the approval was achieved after coordinated efforts by SEAOP, ENAPAPE and the services of the General State Chemistry.

“Our products Ouzo and Tsipouro / Tsikoudia are now becoming even stronger in the international markets because they will be able to enjoy protection according to the Lisbon International Agreement, just as they are protected in the EU. They also gain a significant bargaining tool in EU talks with third countries on bilateral recognition of Geographical Indications. “They will no longer be able to be easily excluded from talks and agreements,” said Nikos Kalogiannis, president of SEAOP, said in a statement.

It is also important, according to SEAOP, that a direct legal interest is recognized in the protection of “Ouzo” & “Tsipouro / Tsikoudia”, a fact that facilitates their representation before any competent authority for issues related to these indications.

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