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Greece eases tourists’ arrivals from “Green” countries and children up to 12

Head of Civil Protection and Deputy Minister for Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias announced on Thursday that Greece makes it easier for tourists and children up to 12 years old to enter the country.

All adults coming to Greece from “Green” countries will only have to provide a negative Covid-19 rapid test, he said.

Accompanied children under the age of 12 who arrive from countries in the so-called Covid-19 “Green List” of countries will not have to provide authorities with a negative coronavirus test.

Children up to the age of 6 who arrive from countries in “Amber” and “Red” lists will not have to either, he added.

PS Was the EU Digital Passport in vain?

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  1. Klai-o-mbaklamas

    And the list is where to find?

  2. Greece is desperate to let more tourists in. The price will be paid in autumn with another lockdown.

  3. One day PCR, one day ANTIGEN, one day DIGITAL GREEN CERTIFICATE or DCC…
    Season started…and still so much confusion!

  4. Pannonian Sailor

    @keeptalkingreece: in Germany it is still not possible to obtain the EU green certificate. They are supposed to be issues by family doctors and pharmacies, but so far nobody has the required software. I would say we will not see it between middle of July.

    In some countries the PCR can cost as high as 80e, where antigen is under 30e. E.g. for family of 4 320e vs 120e.

    Could you please share the link to the list of green countries as seen by Greece. Lately there were changes in EU green list, but we are unsure if it got implemented in Greece, since EU list is only recommendation?

    • In Sweden the antigen test is 50€ and up, the PCR-test from 70-250€. I’m in Sweden working att the moment, Swedish by origin, but permanently living in Crete since 14 years and I have no clue what and how much it will take me to return home.

    • Ριτσαρντ

      Das EU-Zertifikat ist in Deutschland seit dem 14. Juni erhältlich in vielen Apotheken gegen Vorlage des Impfausweises und der Impfbestätigung des Impfzentrums oder des Arztes, natürlich ist auch der Ausweis vorzulegen!
      Sie können es dann in die Corona-WarnAPP oder die CovPasss-App einscannen…

      The EU certificate has been available in Germany since June 14th in many pharmacies on presentation of the vaccination card and the vaccination confirmation from the vaccination center or doctor, of course the ID must also be presented!
      You can then scan it into the Corona-WarnAPP or the CovPasss app …

  5. Even from a so called Green Country a negative test on arrival is no guarantee that a person won’t develope Covid after a few days of being in Greece and could have spread the disease very nicely by then.

    • Anne, there are no guarantees in life for anything. Once the elderly & vulnerable are vaccinated, cases are not turning into hospitalisations or deaths. C19 is a respiratory virus, that goes dormant in the summer, not really spread outside, so you really need to do a risk analysis for yourself. There will be more people dying in the future from missed cancer screenings and pushed into poverty by this sole focus on one disease that only really effects elderly people. They’re vaccinated, so life has to start returning to normal.

  6. In the most rcent law, valid from 19th to 26th of June, color of country is not mentioned anymore.

    Rapid Antigen test is sufficient for all EU and Schengen countries and some others, includink UK.

  7. Great news, would be great to know what countries are on the Green List. Hoping to travel to Crete next month from Ireland with 2 children under 12, So this would be fantastic if Ireland was on that list.

  8. Now is uptodate:

    – Instead of a vaccination certificate, travelers are required to show either a negative PCR test conducted up to 72 hours before traveling or a negative antigen (rapid) test conducted up to 48 hours before traveling.

    Enjoy your flight 😉

  9. Hugh, where did you get the idea that the elderly people have been vaccinated? Certainly NOT here in Greece! There are hundreds of us who are still waiting for the MAGIC temporary AMKA number which will at least get us on the list!!
    Our whole lives have been curtailed, and now visitors are flooding in to the islands,we feel even more vulnerable,and trapped in our homes. Enjoy your holiday!! .