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Greece bans the use of 10 plastic products from July 3

The aim of the ban is to reduce the use of plastics and their impact on the environment.

The products to be banned are:


cotton swabs
plastic cutlery
plastic plates
plastic straws
plastic drink stirrers
plastic balloon holders other than balloons for industrial or other professional use
food containers made of expanded polystyrene (styrofoam)
expanded polystyrene beverage containers, as well as their lids and covers
cups of expanded polystyrene (styrofoam) for drinks, as well as their lids and covers
products made of oxidizable plastic.

For the General Government Bodies, the ban on the use of the above disposable plastic products is valid since February 1, 2021.

Also, from July 3, 2021, mandatory packaging marking of the following plastic products is provided for:

Sanitary napkins, tampons and tampon applicators
Wet wipes
Tobacco products with filter and filters for use in combination with tobacco products
Drink cups.

In this way the consumer is informed about:

the appropriate product management options such as waste or the disposal methods that should be avoided for that product according to the waste hierarchy.
the presence of plastics in the product and the consequent adverse environmental effects of their disposal.

source: tvxs,gr

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  1. The one who lives in Rethymno

    Yes ! It was about time !

  2. Marcelis Vanmechelen

    And now we have the facemasks to throw away on the street 🙂

  3. Karl Heinz Babatschek

    The people will find other things to throw out of their cars:
    like plastic bottles, masks, bottles, cigarettepackages and more…
    it will never stopp without fines!!!

  4. Yes, this is great. Now if only there would be a ban on plastic packaging (especially toys), and even all of the cheap plastic toys that tend to be incredibly overpriced.

    I think the biggest use of plastic (other than product packaging) are the water bottles, but I don’t see them on the list.

    I keep telling my daughter that her generation has to find and create plastic alternatives!

  5. Maybe and Greece could start fining people for throwing there rubbish wherever they want. It reminds me of a 3rd world country. It really seems to be a lack of education.

    They should also fine people that spit on the streets. If anything will spread Covid, I am sure it is peoples sputum.

    Dodging spit and dog feces here is a normal occurrence. Uneducated people!!!

  6. Let’s hope there will be a ban on the plastic water bottles. Tourists (and locals??) buy them in droves and there really is no need, the water is perfectly safe to drink straight from the tap. That would make a huge difference to the plastic plague. That and plastic bags. Just use bags for life or paper ones. We all need to get this under control or the seas and marine life will be decimated, more than it already is.

    • “Water is perfectly safe to drink..” – where? You certainly can’t drink the water in my area of Central Athens! It smells really bad from Chlorine and an even stronger unidentified substance which is oil or silicone based. This oily substance coats your skin with an oily film which soaps and detergents can’t remove. Drink it? You can’t even wash in it!

      If anyone knows what this oily substance is. please inform me.

  7. Local water from the tap where I live smells of chlorine and testes disgusting, and so a lot of locals as well as tourists buy bottled water – and then discard the bottles on the beaches, throw them out of their car windows into the forest. And if you ask anyone whether they think it’s right to throw bottles into the countyside, they will say no, of course it isn’t. So they don’t have the excuse of a lack of education, it’s a combination of laziness and a lack of direct consequence to them for their actions.

    We keep our used plastic bottles and take them to a local spring with safe drinking water, and fill them up and use that. No need to buy bottled water; no need to consume more plastic bottles.

    Supermarkets are a lot better at making you aware of your usage of plastic bags by not giving them out automatically for free and making you pay for them, but most other shops still automatically hand over purchases to the customer in a plastic bag, without even asking you whether you want one or not. Of course, customers can (and should) bring their own bag, but also this policy of the shops must stop if we are to reduce plastic consumption, get people not to take the plastic bags for granted and reuse them, not get a new one every time.

    One more thing: in supermarkets, why are loose fruit and veg more expensive per kilo than packaged fruit and veg? Makes no sense.

  8. Like they were going to ban smoking in taverna,s that still goes on, plastic carrier bags they were going to charge for but don,t. I cycle around the country lanes near me , its a disgusting mess. I,ve told my Greek neighbour about throwing rubbish, he says its OK because when it rains it goes. Idiot.

    • If you can’t buy e.g. plastic straws then they will stop producing them (back to waxed paper, I suppose), so it will be more effective than the ban on smoking in tavernas. The water bottle problem is more difficult because they are more necessary (though not really needed in anywhere like the quantities used). Apparently it take 450 years, roughly, for them to break down – maybe into the type of microscopic particles that have recently been found to cross the placenta from mother to baby. We really are creating a swamp of our own waste that we and our descendants will have to wallow in.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        we’ll save the planet from plastic & we’ll destroy forest for paper straws.

        • Yes! And paper bags! That’s what I always think! Don’t paper bags make us kill more trees (and thus, oxygen)?

  9. Thick people throw rubbish out of cars, and thick people leave their rubbish behind on the beaches, uneducated fools who go on about how they love their country whilst throwing rubbish on the road. Fine them 1000 euros and collect, eventually people will get the message. Greece is beautiful, let’s keep it that way and stop throwing rubbish around, there are bins.