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Greece’s Hospital Workers Union opposes mandatory vaccination

The union of workers at Greece’s public hospitals expressed its opposition to the mandatory vaccination announced by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Monday.

According a statement issued by union umbrella POEDIN on Tuesday morning, medical staff is the social group that has the largest percentage of vaccination, reaching 90% (vaccinated, natural immunity, waiting for vaccination, not vaccinated by medical order).

At the same time, they report that they have paid a heavy price for the coronavirus, after they lost 27 of their colleagues from the coronavirus.

“Their death has not being characterized as a work accident,” the statement stressed.

POEDIN pointed out that it is against the obligation to vaccinate health personnel and welfare officials, as constitutional freedoms and individual rights are violated.

“All health workers should be convinced to get vaccinated. Forcing or imposing disciplinary measures leads to the opposite results” the hospital workers union underlined in its statement.

On Tuesday, several government ministers will clarify on Tuesday the mandatory vaccination measures announced by the PM.

Heavy fines reaching 200,000 euros threaten health care facilities where personnel is not vaccinated.

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  1. This measure goes against the Human Rights Act —- if they tried to enforce that on me I would be straight at the front door of the EU courts.

    • And I would agree. People must be free to choose – provided of course that they accept that their choice will have consequences. I would not allow unvaccinated healthcare workers anywhere near patients for example.

      Too many people are selfishly thinking only of themselves. Vaccination (like mask wearing) is a public service that can protect all of us. My vaccination reduces the risk to your mother and father.

      Joanna mentions the Human Rights Act, but people forget that rights come with responsibilities. The responsible thing to do is to act in the interests of everyone and get vaccinated.

      Have we forgotten how smallpox was eradicated? It was by mass vaccination.

  2. Everyone needs to oppose this. This is a blatant human rights violation that must be stopped. I will never understand why so many people are actually for this. They seem to think that something that has happened over and over and over throughout history just can’t happen again. “No no, the government absolutely has YOUR best interest in mind at all times” – give me a break