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466 Delta variant cases detected in Greece mid June to July; geographic distribution

Samples tested by Greece’s National Genomic Surveillance Network revealed 466 new cases of the Delta variant strain in the time June 17 – July 12, 2021. According to official data released on Monday, out of the 856 samples tested, 760 were classified as variants of concern (VOC) and 69 as variants of interest (Variants under Monitoring).

Of the 760 samples of variants of concern, 466 were found to belong to Delta strain, 200 to Alpha strain, 93 to Beta strain and one to Gamma strain.

Of the 69 samples of variants of interest, all relate to strain B.1.1.318 (Variant E484K).

Geographic Distribution

According to National Health Organization EODY, in Attica the Delta variant cases are 633 with the majority of them being in the South Area of Athens, there where several corona-parties took place in the last two weeks.

Based on the same data, the Delta Variant is also common in Heraklio and Rethymno (Crete) and in Thessaloniki.

The cases in these four cities make 88% of the Delta variant cases detected in Greece in the samples during the period mentioned above.

SARS-CoV-2 Variants in Greece

Since the launch of the National Network of Genomic Surveillance of the SARS-CoV-2 virus until today, a total of 22,656 samples of domestic cases have been tested in the country. Of these, 19,323 came from random sampling, 2,572 came from targeted sampling, while for 761 samples the selection method is not available.

Among the 19,323 randomly selected samples in Greece, the four most common strains of special interest or under surveillance that have been isolated are Alpha, at 75.60%, followed by B.1.1.318 (Variant E484K) at 11.15 %, Delta at 1.55% and Beta at 0.71%.

Of the 2,572 samples taken or selected in a targeted method, 2,410 strains of special interest or under observation have been found. Of these samples, 50.19% relate to B.1.1.318 (Variant E484K), 19.98% to Delta, 16.49% to Alpha, 6.80% to Beta, 0.16% to C.36 and 0.08% in Gamma.

In addition, a total of 171 strains of special interest or under surveillance or interest have been isolated from samples of “imported” cases, of which 109 relate to Alpha, 47 to Delta, 5 to Beta, 4 to B.1.1.318 (Variant E484K), 2 to B .1.621 (VOI), 1 in Kappa, 1 in Eta, 1 in C.36, 1 in B.1.623.

Not that the Covid-19 variant data traditionally are released Thursdays, but for some reason Greek authorities released them on Monday.

source: EODY via healthreport

More information on coronavirus in Greece here.

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