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Fire fighting assistance from 6 EU countries and Israel arrive in Greece

International aid finally started to arrive in Greece to assist against the horrendous forest fires that burn down the country and make homeless thousands of people.The aid from France, Sweden, Cyprus, Switzerland and Romania  comes after the Greece activated the European Civil Protection Mechanism a few days ago.

Greece has also asked assistance from Russia and Israel.

Assistance from the European Mechanism:

  • France: 83 firefighters, 2 Canadair
  • Cyprus: 40 firefighters, 2 aircraft
  • Sweden: 2 aircraft – expected today, Friday
  • Romania: 112 firefighters, 23 fire engines – expected on Friday
  • Switzerland: 3 helicopters
  • Croatia: 1 Canadair
  • In the early hours of Friday, 83 firefighters from France arrived at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport. In addition,, France assists with two Canadair aircraft.

    Another 40 firefighters from Cyprus are operating in Ano Varybombi, Attica, while two Cypriot water dropping aircraft have been deployed to Crete.

    Αfter the “super-weapon” against fires, the Beriev Be-200 was forced out of the battle due to a mechanical failure two days ago, Athens reportedly asked for a new one from Russia.

    Friday noon, ANT1 TV showed the Beriev was back in the battlefield after maintenance.

    Following a Greek request, Israel has sent 16 firefighters.

    Friday is a bad day for Greece as the strengthened winds blowing with 5 Beaufort and gusts of 6-7 B have revived the forest fires and extinction seems impossible for today.

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    1. I’m proud that my country Israel sent firefighters and also lots of fire retardant materials to help assist Greece in her time of need. Greece has also helped us when we needed help. Praying for Greece and hoping all the fires iin Greece and region will end very soon!