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Fires menacing, more villages evacuated in Evia, south Peloponnese (videos)

Fire fronts in northern Evia are still active on Tuesday, the eight day since the devastating blaze burned down thousands of hectares of forest and agricultural land, houses and businesses, farming animals and wildlife. Evacuations took place also short before noon. At the same time, several fires in south Peloponnese are still burning, even though the situation in Ilia, East Mani and Gortynia is better, as the chief of the Civil Protection said around 2 o’ clock noon.


Two fire fronts are active in northern Evia with fire fighting forces battle to prevent the blaze from reaching the towns of Aidipsos and Istiea.

The village of Avgaria  was ordered to evacuate at 1 o’ clock. Again the residents defied the order and decided to stay and fight against the blaze.

The fire front at Kamatriades is under control, however, the winds are pushing the fire to the village of Galatsades.

Last night and defying the fires evacuation order, Kamatriades residents and volunteers from nearby villages lined up next to each other armed with water buckets and tree branches awaiting for the blaze coming down from the mountain. Later, also fire fighters joined them.

The entire firefighting forces are reportedly on the road that links Kamatriades with Kamaria and are trying to create a firebreak to prevent the blaze from reaching the village of Kastaniotissa.

The second fires front is near the villages Gerakiou, Avgaria and Galatsona.

Rekindling and small fronts that turn into a new fire front continue to be a huge problem for the firefighting forces, state news agency amna reported.

There is a major problem with the power supply as the damage to the network is major and most of the villages do not have electricity and water. Locals and volunteers trying to save houses are often left whiteout water.

A thick cloud of smoke covers also the areas not on fire and people in Istiea posted on social media that the smoke penetrates homes also through the closed windows and doors.

The fire service said 873 firefighters, 50 ground teams and 229 vehicles were fighting the blaze, including firefighters from Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Poland. Fourteen helicopters were providing air support, including three from Serbia, two from Switzerland and two from Egypt, the fire department added.

South Peloponnese: Ilia, East Mani, Gortynia

The fire fronts continue in East Mani, Ilia and Gortynia on Tuesday with ground and aerial fire fighting being at work.

The villages of Lalas and another five were ordered to evacuate early afternoon as the fire got out of control and was approaching.

Earlier, the front between Ilia and Arcadia rekindled.

Two hours later: fire front quickly heading to Andritsaina

Fires revived also in Ancient Olympia and Gortynia, state ERT TV reported early afternoon.

Earlier, the Fire Service said that three helicopters and nine firefighting aircraft are dumping water along with two firefighting aircraft from Croatia and Spain, the Fire Service said.

One helicopter and a firefighting aircraft are battling the blaze in Eastern Mani.

Fires 2021: Pefki – Evia: Elderly man in frenzy tries to put out fire near his home.

Late the fire brigade came…

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