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Italian tourists fined €5,000 each for leaving quarantine-hotel, attempting to fly home

Four Italian tourists broke the Covid-19 quarantine, left the hotel and went to the airport of Zakynthos to catch a flight for their home country. Their plan was foiled when the hotel management reported them missing and informed the local police.

The four Italians, aged 21-23, were arrested at the airport and were taken back to the quarantine hotel.

Each of them was fined with 5,000 euros for violating the ordered self-isolation.

The four Italians were recently tested positive to Covid-19 and the quarantine period of 14 days was not over yet.

The incident, the second of this kind on Zakynthos, took place Thursday noon, state broadcaster ERT reported.

In July, it was four British tourists who fled the quarantine hotel and attempted to fly back to the UK.

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  1. I can only imagine the reaction if these were tourists from the “Balkan poor” countries. We would be banned straight away.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      Balkan folks are bothers, bro.

      • Well, as long as we are not at war with each other…

        What Balkan countries are united it in is in corruption, nepotism, populism and incapability to manage many things.

  2. What do you mean by “banned”? They had to go back to the quarantine hotel to finish the 14-days. They would have been happy if they were “banned” from Greece, meaning kicked out of the country.

  3. Most young people age 21-23 save money for an inexpensive holiday. How many have 5000 euros beyond that? Will they serve their time out in a Greek prison for inability to pay?

    • Logically mamma and papà will pay! (Greek prison would be a good alternative for them!)
      Well done!