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Cold weather front brings rainfall and storms in Greece

Starting on Wednesday evening, a cold weather front coming form the North is expected to sweep over Greece toward the south, bringing rain and storms that may in some places be intense, especially early on Thursday morning, the weather service of the National Observatory of Athens forecast.

The bad weather is expected to be most intense in Eastern Thessaly and northeastern Central Greece, while especial caution is advised in the fire-stricken regions of north Evia.

The bad weather is expected to then gradually subside as it moves toward the Cyclades islands, eastern Peloponnese and northern Crete.

Winds are expected to become temporarily stronger in the Aegean, rising to 6-7 Beaufort and up to 8 Beaufort in the Karpathian Sea.

Τemperatures will drop significantly in some regions by 9 degrees Celsius, especially in the east.

Detailed report on temperature and weather forecast until Sunday, Sept 26, 2021, here.

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