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Greece and UK to sign bilateral cooperation agreement incl defense, foreign policy


Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias will be in London on Monday to co-sign with his British counterpart Liz Truss a bilateral cooperation agreement which will cover a wide range of sectors including defence and foreign policy.

“The agreement is not purely on defence as the agreements with France, USA and the UAE but a framework-agreement which will allow the deepening of the Greek relations with a country with which we have long and traditional ties of friendship” Dendias said in an interview with Eleftheros Typos’ Sunday edition.

Focusing on the agreement with the UK ” a country which played a key role in the Greek independence, a country with which we fought side by side in two World Wars, a nuclear force and permanent member of the UN Security Council and guarantor force in Cyprus” Dendias underlined that “we are laying the foundation for the strengthening of this relation in a new framework after their withdrawal from the EU”.

Additionally, Dendias announced that if the conditions allow it in the future “We will conclude and other agreements with main guideline the protection of our national interests in the context of mutual understanding and respect between the countries always based on the international law and the good neighbourly relations”.

After all, he said “the protection of our national interests and the broadening of the cooperation and alliances was and continues to be the main axis of Greece’s foreign policy”.


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  1. This would probably have occurred earlier but for little Napolian chucking his toys out of his pram over aukus ,
    An agreement is not required to rely on the people of Great Britain , and their defense equipment works in forward gear not just reverse . Bad things happen when good people do nothing.

  2. Why sure Greece kick us at every turn

    • That’s not true. You kick yourselves at every turn because you defy reason and goodwill.

      I do not see Greeks trolling Turkish medias with intolerable insults and callous hate. It isn’t Greece who suddenly wants to unilaterally rewrite borders with belicose threats of war while befriending violent adversaries and hiring Jihadist mercinaries to cowardly fight their proxy wars, after jailing their judges and journalists, etc., it is so endless…

      The blame does not rest on a kindred Greece defending itself to claim it ever kicks others at every turn, do not blame Greece by your own provocations.

      An expansionist German dictator tried the very same thing but this was decades ago let alone some embezzling sultan trying to violate laws and unilaterally rewrite borders today. Ther international community will make sure that he will be kicked at every turn dare this spastic pirate remotely try.

      So far, Greece has reponded to aggression by kicking your tail at the Evros border, kicking your tail kicked at sea by ripping a prized ship a new orifice, and it now ignores the bellicose threats of officials visiting their own islands or ships in their own EEZ …poetic justice but now others are getting angry with the unlawful defiance reflected in your very economy and shrinking military might. Is that what an aggressor and bully typically and traditionally calls being kicked at every turn when crying victim?

  3. Britain is among Greece’s closest and most unconditional of allies. Greece was the greatest influence to western culture right down to our every emotion. We are lucky to maintain our fellow gallant allies that share our common values and sense of justice.

    Today, we formally announce how we remain united. We have evolved through this great state through mas cooperation, and yet again, we are not alone. The allied forces so far are America, Britain, Egypt, France, Israel, UAE, where we can also expect support from India, Canada, Australia, and others should anyone be foolish enough to threaten regional stability.

    The sudden unilateral bellicose claims by an unreliable partner who hosts adversaries, along with the daily provocations, following decades of international condemnation, have led to this accumulation of the world’s most powerful allies.

  4. Ever since Brexit, the UK has been ramping up its diplomatic, intelligence and military activities in the Balkans, the Baltic and in Ukraine. Also in the Pacific. It is their way of trying to remain relevant in Europe and in the world. They should stay on their island. They wanted out of the EU and that means they should also stay out of the continent and its business. Be careful what you wish for, Greece. The same applies to the Americans. Don’t get caught up in their geopolitical games.

    • You constantly ram on about the EU which is by definition the largest geopolitical game player on the planet, The UK will always be relevant in Europe because it’s part of Europe. It’s banks also prop up the house of cards/ Ponzi scheme which is the Euro. Our highly functional democracy allowed the people of the UK the choose their future , something you are ever likely to experience. Perhaps you are bitter because the gravy has left the gravy train .
      The Balkan nations clamber to align with the UK because it has the most experienced and reliable fighting force in the world .

      • What are you talking about? The English don’t consider themselves part of Europe. They always talk with disdain about “the continent” and the French (frogs), Germans (Jerries), Italians (wobs), etc.

        The English and the Americans were very instrumental in blowing up Yugoslavia. The European Community had negotiated a power sharing deal in Bosnia to which all parties agreed. Sarajevo withdrew its signature after the Muslim leader visited US ambassador Zimmerman in the US consulate in Sarajevo and pledged its support to a Bosnia led by Sarajevo. After that: Boom and a mess ever since.

        Ever since Brexit where the UK lost political and economical influence in the EU, the UK has been ramping up its political, diplomatic and military presence in the Baltic, Ukraine and the Balkans.
        I am amazed how Europe continues to want to be the battleground for an Anglo-American war with Russia.

    • That’s not true either.

      Do not tell a democratic Greece how to interact with its unconditional allies that it maintains the greatest respect, admiration, and solidarity for your own unilateral, and unlawful reasoning.

      International law does not allow for bullying, tantrum, or playing victim as a defense or so your sultan can rest in his multi million dollar palaces and vacation retreats as his nation starves, he’d rather be a martyr than lose it all. Instead, you should not defend him.

      • Who am I defending? Erdogan? Erdogan is a fool. Turkey’s economy is a mess because of him. It won’t be soon but he is on his way out.