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Supreme Court prosecutor to tackle “femicide” crimes, domestic abuse

The chief prosecutor of Greece’s Supreme Court has launched a campaign to crack down on domestic abuse following a recent spike in heinous crimes against women and children in the country.. For the first time ever, the highest prosecution authority, indirectly but clearly raises the issue of standardization of the term “femicide” as a separate crime in the chapter on the prosecution of homicide of the Penal Code.

Chief prosecutor Vassilis Pliotas compiled and distributed a circular on Wednesday instructing the country’s prosecutors to fast-track the indictment of perpetrators of domestic and other forms of abuse against women, children and other vulnerable people, including the elderly.

“On the occasion of these situations also widely in our country, the cases of deprivation of a woman’s life, especially from sexist motives, “reasons of honor”, human trafficking and economic exploitation purposes, are attributed to the term “feminicide” and there is talk of a distinct need. for a standard criminal provision” in the homicide Penal Code,” the circular reportedly notes, among others.

It adds that “many countries around the world have adopted accordingly the legal terms as the phenomenon is not only Greek.”

According to the circular, abuse crimes crimes will be treated under a process known as “aftoforo” in Greek law, which allows for a suspect arrested within 48 hours of committing a crime to be tried summarily.

The Chief Prosecutor also urged prosecutors to take a more proactive stance in preventing domestic violence by making it easier for victims to come forward, to encourage victims to work more closely with state services and organizations dedicated to protecting victims of abuse.

Greece has seen a rise in domestic abuse in recent years and especially during the lockdown due to the pandemic. Femicide saw also a dramatic increase with thirteen women to have been killed by their husbands or partners, former or current, since the beginning of 2021.

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  1. A very sad reflexion on a nation coming to term with women’s rights ,and the importance of the contribution made by are greatest and most underestimated modern attribute ,women.
    Economic crisis accelerated an inevitable revolution a little too quickly for some , mixed with insatiable consumerism and social media gossip .