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Caroline Crouch murder: Prosecutor seeks highest punishment for husband

“He had no scruple about his act although she was the mother of his child,” the prosecutor dealing with the murder of Caroline Crouch noted, among others, in his trial recommendation for 33-year-old husband Babis Anagnostopoulos. In his 21-page long recommendation to the Judicial Council, prosecutor Giorgos Noulis, proposed to the Council to refer the confessed murderer with a series of charges to secure the highest possible punishment.

According to the prosecutor, anagnostopoulos, who is in custody pending trial, must be referred as accused of the offenses of “murder with intention in a calm state of mind”, “abuse of an animal to a felony degree”, as well as for a “false denouncement” and “repeated false deposits” to police.

In his recommendation, the prosecutor described what took place at the couple’s home in Gyka Nea, eastern Attica, on May 11, 2021, when 20-year-old Caroline found horrible suffocating death by her husband who then staged a fake “burglary scenery” to mislead police investigators

Anagnostopoulos “tortured and murdered his 20-year-old wife Caroline Crouch” while “in composed state of mind.”  He “lied to police investigators and mislead them by claiming his wife was killed by burglars,” the prosecutor noted.

He also referred to the fact that Angagnostopoulos killed the family dog, an act thought to be part of the defendant’s fake “burglary scenario.”

Noulis also pointed to evidence found at the scene of the crime, including Crouch’s smartwatch, whose records of her movements challenged Anagnostopoulos’ account and indicated that the young mother was in a state of physical distress for several minutes before her heart stopped beating. This had also happened much earlier than Anagnostopoulos claimed.

The prosecutor considers that the offender has shown sobriety in the planning of the murder, which is “inferred from the fact that he  being able to make the camera useless so that there is no visual evidence against him.” at its expense.” As he mentioned in his recommendation, “he designed and presented a fake scenario and to support this whole plan, he tied himself and tied the victim while he attempted misleading phone calls to <1000>  and <180> to show that he failed [to call the correct number to police <100>] because he was tied “.

The prosecutor drew attention to the fact that Anagnostopoulos, 13 years Crouch’s senior, started dating her when she was around 15 years old and married her just three days after her 18th birthday.

“The victim was just 20 years old, while he was 13 years older and should be her patron, he had no scruple for his act, although she was his child’s mother,  while at the same time there was no reason for his act which he committed when the victim was unsuspecting and oblivious, as she was already sleeping for 2.5 hours.”

The prosecutor further argued that there is insufficient evidence to support speculation that Anagnostopoulos may have had an accomplice or had been in any way provoked to commit such an act.

In a related development, an Athens court granted custody of the couple’s child to Caroline’s mother, stripping Anagnostopoulos of any parental rights and granting his parents limited visitation rights.

Anagnostopoulos is believed to have killed his wife in front of their daughter, who was 11 months old at the time of the crime.

He is is custody since June pending trial that is expected to start beginning of summer 2022, a year after the brutal murder of the young mother Caroline Crouch.

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sources: amna, TV Channels

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