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Greek Police arrests police officer for sexual assault of his underage daughter

The Internal Affairs Department of the Greek Police arrested a 29-year-old police officer on Sunday for the sexual assault of his 4-year-old daughter.

The arrest took place after his ex wife accused him of the crime and after the girl was examined by a pediatrist, a  gynecologist and a child psychologist at a public hospital, media report on Monday.

The initial case evidence has been handed over to the relevant authorities and to a prosecutor who authorized the arrest.

Through his lawyer, the officer denies all charges and blames his ex wife for staging the whole story.

The couple got married in 2017 and the the wife filed for divorce a year later and short after the child’s birth accusing her husband of domestic violence, ANT1 TV reported.

The police officer who was serving in the Greek countryside has been reportedly suspended from duty.

He is to give his deposition to prosecutor on upcoming Thursday.

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  1. Poor little girl! If this is true then put her father in gail and get rid of the key! Let him starve to death! If untrue the poor little darling will suffer from the rumours in the society… How can any parent treat a child like this?? If it is true then the father is a beast and if it is untrue then the mother is using the child for her own benefits. So wrong!!!