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Up to 2 years imprisonment for anti-vaxxer parents who don’t send their children to school

Anti-vaxxer parents who do not send their children to school will be punished with up to 2 years imprisonment and fines, the Greek Education Ministry ruled in an amendment submitted to the Palriament late on Tuesday.

The tough measure comes as parents and guardians who oppose vaccinations against Covid-19 and protection measures against the pandemic have stopped sending their children to school claiming that “wearing a mask is a torture” and self- and Rapid-tests “dangerous” for their children’s health.

The amendment is a joint legislative initiative by the ministries of Education & Religious Affairs and Justice.

The amendment stipulates that whoever has the custody or real care of a minor and fails to register or supervise the minor’s compulsory attendance (up to High School), is punished with imprisonment of up to two years and a fine.

The legislation affects children in kindergarten, elementary school and gymnasium up to the 16th year of age.


Homeschooling is not allowed per law in Greece.

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  1. Just to clarify, does this apply to parents who do not get their children vaccinated, with vaccinations beginning now for 5 year olds and up?

  2. so it’s not specifically related to covid, it’s more a reminder of a pre-existing law? or are the penalties increased for not sending your child to school because of refusal of the covid vaccination?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      why do you, guys, link this law with children vaccination?

      • i think the link is made due to the article title of ‘Anti-vaxxer parents.’
        Just thinking a bit more about this law… the government is saying we will take a child’s parents away from them over having education taken away.

  3. I am sure some vaccinated parents are aso aghast at seeing the young ones having to wear masks also, unless you have contrary information. There are other parts of the world (in particular some US states where mandating masks is unlawful) where this is not allowed. The wearing of masks for children is not normal….

    • I’m sure some parents are aghast but they have no reason to be. It’s just a mask. For their own protection. It has nothing to do with individual rights. Yes, in the US this has become highly politicized, and some Republican states are banning mask mandates, which goes against scientific reasoning. Agreed, wearing of masks for children is not normal. What is normal about this situation?? Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures. An unvaccinated unmasked child can spread the virus quickly and for many three-generational households in Greece with elderly grandparents, vaccinated for not, the threat of then becoming infected with covid is high. It’s science. Get vaccinated.

  4. So, if a child turns up for school each day, and is turned away BY the school for being un-masked and or un-tested then the parents will be penalised financially, jailed and the kids loose their parents?
    It seems here that it is the school/gov that is denying/preventing education.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      LOL twisted reality. School obeys the state rules and so must do the children & their parents

      • so if the state rule means “kill black children” you have to obey? what a fine logic, ktg! why not looking for a mental hospital?

      • Twisted reality indeed. Gov using education law to enforce Covid regulations?

        Parent sends child to school (obeying education law), school refuses entry (obeying Gov edict), who is responsible for the non-education of the child?

        I am not a lawyer but would be very interested to read from any lawyer out there.

  5. So, my understanding of this is: believe what you want parents, but your child is coming to school, wearing a mask and following all other procedures as set out by law.

    Kids here in Toronto have to wear masks from kindergarten except for sports or eating/drinking (which is not allowed in class). We are SUPPOSED to get rapid tests at each school, but I have seen them as much as I have seen the “enhanced” cleaning procedures and the school nurse.

    One would think that the recent death of the 14 year old would make people change their mind….