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Man guns down ex wife in Thessaloniki: 17. femicide victim in 2021, the 3rd in December

Femicide in Greece: Police announced on Tuesday that it solved the murder of a 55-year-old woman in a bakery in Thessaloniki on Monday morning. The murderer was not a woman not even the victim’s mother-in-law as media initially reported. Police said it arrested the 56-year-old ex husband of the victim who confessed to the crime and revealed where he had hidden the gun.

The man was wearing a long coat and a hood, the police said in a statement.


It was probably the way the murderer was dressed that led to false clues the perpetrator was a woman as also the shop owner testified.

Media also reported hours after the murder that the mother-in-law had fired at the woman in Nea Madytos in Thessaloniki.

Confusion was perfect when some media reported the real mother-in-law had mobility problems and others that she had died long ago.

Fact is that the murdered had lurked the victim and followed her to the shop where he fired at her while she was buying bread.

The woman was living apart from her ex husband and in her brother’s home in Nea Madytos.

The “mysterious murder case” is now added on the long list of femicide in Greece. The woman is the 17th victim in 2021, the third victim alone in December.

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  1. This degree of unhinged anger begs the question of how one can so extremely enraged. It is so abnormal enough to be certifiably insane or crazy.

    There is nothing achieved or justifiable after after killing of anyone, short of self defence? What relief is there when the person no longer exists to feel any pain from such self destructive hate? The greatest discomforts and increasing sense of regret will only be burdened by the perpetrator and not the victim.

    Unfortunately, like suicides, people believe that they are in a perfectly sane state of mind when nothing can be further from the truth. They create a a horrifically permanent solution to what would have otherwise become a temporary problem through time.

    Best to walk away, with patience and tolerance, than cast oneself into a living nightmare for the rest of their lives after ending another’s.

    One might even argue this is human nature and Darwinism as we continue to evolve. And of we ever blow each other up, it will reflect how collectively stupid we are as an advanced civilization after ape built spaceships from rocks.