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Extreme anti-vaxxers in Greece out of control, call for “armed struggle”

Extreme anti-vaxxers in Greece have gone out of control and threaten teachers with execution, while they claim they prepare paramilitary groups with the aim to take over the power in the country. At the same time, they threaten media with exorbitant fines if they report about their activities.

They are very active on social media and they try to recruit members from the pool of citizens who are against the Covid-vaccines for whatever reason, whether simple fear or conspiracy theories.

The groups have different names of social media and have 1,000 to 10,000 followers.

In videos posted on internet, the nuclei of extreme anti-vaxxers threaten teachers with execution, while engaging in a signature hunt under the text of their so-called “sacred statement” that is full of threats and even refers to “gun attacks. against those who have different views from them,” reports daily TaNea.

In a video broadcast by state ERT TV on Tuesday, one of the extremists is heard saying “we inform you that the Greek people, the Greek citizens, will have heavy weapons.”.

The man who threatens even with executions claims that “we are under occupation” and that “the citizens’ property is threatened.”

“I will execute anyone who tries amid the occupation to transfer real estate without my permission,” the man who invents enemies in his mind said.

At the begin of the school year he had directly threaten teachers because they would allegedly vaccinate children without their parents’ consent.

“In the event that you act without informing us and without obtaining our permission and vaccinating the children, I will act self-judging against the perpetrators, with self-judgment and I will execute them,” he had reportedly said.

The man denies that he is a member of the extreme anti-vaxxers and self-proclaimed “Guardians of the Constitution”, however, he has been shown in videos talking with members of this group.

Both groups claim to collect signatures by people including concerned parents to enhance their ‘troops’.

In a similar incident, the mayor of Kilkis at the border with Turkey has received a multi-page letter by a retired military officer who accuses him of “preparing settlements for illegal migrants” and threatens him of ”

Citing a press release by Kilkis mayor Dimitris Kyriakidis, daily Macedonia reports the officer accuses the mayor “of directly cooperating in the settlement of illegal immigrants within the country,” and speaks of “violent abolition of the Constitution,” of “an attempt to revise/change the Constitution,” while the peak of accusations makes reference to “high treason and attempt to establish and legitimize the occupation of the country.”

In a statement the mayor said that the ‘complain text is “a monument of political irrationality, with positions that are totalitarian, extreme, hostile to the Constitution and to our democratic principles and values.” the mayor said in a statement.

Mayor Kyriakidis has called for the immediate intervention of Justice and the police.

According to state-broadcaster ERT report (video here), “what worries the authorities is that these extreme deniers do not appear to be intimidated by the persecution of like-minded people who committed illegal actions.”

Beginning of December a group of anti-vaxxer extremists handcuffed and abducted a school principal for requiring self-tests by students as provided by coronavirus legislation.

The three main groups of these extremists anti-vaxxers who call for “armed struggle” are in northern Greece, in Attica and Crete, reports daily Ethnos.

Alpha TV describes the whole movement as “shocking.”

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  1. What can I say!!! What a moron this guy is and so are his followers. Why he hasn’t been arrested is beyond me.
    Obviously these people have no brains. Just idiotic.

  2. We await your response Mr Prime minister

  3. Total madness!! Now the “tin-foil hats” has lost it completely! God gave us a brain and I am sure He wanted us to use it. NOW is the time to do so!!!

  4. time now to stop those anri vaxers from being treated if they catch the covid it is self inflicted and must suffer their decition

  5. “…the mayor of Kilkis at the border with Turkey…”

    His geography isn’t very good? there are 6 prefectures between Kilkis and the Turkish border.

  6. What vaccine can stop this contagion of Darwinism and modern westernization. 🙂