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Greek FM visits OSCE Mission in Ukraine, meets with ethnic Greek communities

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias visited the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe’s (OSCE) Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine in the city of Mariupol (Marioupolis) and met also with ethnic Greek communities in the city.

Dendias tweeted that he was “briefed on the security situation on the ground and the Mission’s work.”

Earlier in the day, the Greek minister visited Mariupol’s City Council, where he “had a fruitful meeting with the city’s First Deputy Mayor, M. Kogut and the Chairman of Mariupol district council S. Mahsma,” he said in another tweet.

On his meetings with Greek communities, Dendias posted:

“In Ukraine together with the Greek expatriates! I visited the 8th Modern Greek Language Learning School and met with the teachers, the head of the civil-military Administration of Sartana and members of the Greek community of Sartana and Chermalyk.”

In Sartana by Donetsk Oblast, Dendias also layed a wreath at the monument of fallen members of the Greek community who died in a car bomb attack in 2014.

On the phone Dendias spoke with his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba.

“I informed my Ukrainian counterpart about my visit to Mariupol in order to stand by the Greek community and the intention of Greece to strengthen its Consulate General in the city,” Dendias said on social media. According to the same post, Kuleba thanked Greece for its decision to not withdraw its staff from its embassy in Kiev, while Dendias reiterated that Greece supports the independence and territorial integrity of all states.

After the completion of his visits to the cities of Mariupol and Sartana, Dendias told reporters that Greece will stand by and support Greek communities in Ukraine.

“I am today here in Mariupol, only a few kilometers away from the main point of tension between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, to support by my presence the Greek community here, one of more than 100,000 people,” Dendias underlined.

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  1. It should be noted that this event took place against the background of a tense situation in the east of Ukraine. The representatives of many European countries declare a high probability of hostilities in the region. For example, the United States began the process of evacuating its diplomats from the territory of Ukraine. It is likely that this trip of Foreign Minister of Greece is associated with the real risks for the lives of representatives of the Greek diaspora. Under these conditions, Nikos Dendias decided to personally assess the likelihood of their evacuation from the territory of Ukraine. This makes it obvious that Greece has reduced confidence in Ukrainian authorities.
    Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias had expressed his position is his words: “Greece will always be on the side of diaspora Greeks, particularly at difficult times”.Undoubtedly, the safety of people should be the priority of the decisions and actions of politicians. It is difficult task, but it’s their main task.

  2. Many countries are worried about the position on their minorities in Ukraine. Hungary for instance. Minority rights are not very well protected at the moment in Ukraine.
    What is going on the ground, is hard to know but both Ukraine and Russia are downplaying the chance that a conflict can break out. For now, it are only the US and the UK that are, supported by their media, almost hysterically saying that a war will break out. The US even instructed the family of embassy officials in Belarus should pack their bags because of a built up of Russian troops in Belarus because of a military drill.

    Will there be war? Why would Russia do that? It is not in their interest. Putin rather keeps the conflict frozen. Whatever the scenario, 100k Russian troops at Ukraine’s border is not enough to start a war with.

    • Just last year you were consoling the virtues of scraping NATO and relying on a EU reaction force ,very amusing ,the Germans could supply the helmets , and the French some high end ration packs.

      I remember the very post ,in fact I may have copied it for just this instance , would you like to see it ?, Perhaps it will prompt another name change, but you I’m sure will still be delivering the same anti US /UK rubbish .
      Grow up the Russians cannot be trusted, Crimea demonstrated that fact to the world , apart from you.