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Rafale, Belh@rra and torpedoes agreements table to Parliament for ratification

Γhe Greek government tabled three major armament contracts to the Parliament for ratification on Wednesday.

The contracts refer to the purchase of 18 Rafale fighter aircraft and 3 Belharra frigates from France as well of 44 Sea Hake Mod 4 submarine torpedoes from Germany.

The discussion on ratifying the contracts at the relevant parliamentary committee will begin on Friday, while the ratification via a vote by a plenary session of parliament will be held next Tuesday, February 15.

Specifically for the 18 Rafale the total expenditure will reportedly reach 2.49 billion euros. First installment of 1.509 billion euros reportedly paid in 2021, the remaining to be paid until 2025.

Meanwhile, representatives of the US Joint Programme Οffice (JPO) of the US Air Force  in charge for F-35 as well as members of the US armament committee SAF/IA (Secretary of the AirForce-International Affairs) are reportedly in Athens to explore possibilities for a “cooperation.”
PS No wonder there is no money for generous energy subsidies, pay raise and upgrade in hospitals *rolling eyes*.

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  1. When security costs influencing the standard of living, following a brutally punishing decade of depression, recovery is refreshing.

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