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Turkish F-16 jets to join Greece-hosted NATO drill “Tiger Meet 2022”

F-16 Fighting Falcon jets belonging to the Turkish Air Forces Command will attend the NATO drill, entitled “Tiger Meet 2022,” that will be held in Greece between May 9-22. This year’s military exercise will be held in Araxos Air Base in the West of the country, west of Greece.

The news comes as several Turkish F-16 violated Greek FIR for one more time on Monday, February 14, and engaged “in dog fights” with the Greek F-16 that took off to intercept them. According to Greek General Staff, there were 22 violations in the NE, SE and Central Aegean Sea, and four of the Turkish jets were armed.

At the same time, Ankara has launched again a campaign for demilitarization of the Greek islands in the eastern Aegean Sea threatiningg to officially dispute their sovereignty.

According to Turkish newspaper dailysabah, the 192nd Kaplan (Tiger) Fleet stationed in western Turkish province of Balıkesir will participate in the Tiger Meet Exercise.

The NATO drill, which was held in Portugal last year with the participation of more than 50 aircraft and more than a thousand military aircraft, was held in Konya in central Turkey in 2015.

In addition to Turkey and Greece, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands and Austria will participate in the Tiger Meet 2022 Exercise as observers, while Portugal will participate in the exercise as visitor.

Military aircraft to be attending the drill include F-16 Fighting Falcon, HH.101 Caesar, HH.212, Rafale M, F/A-18C/D Hornet, Rafale B/C, Tornado IDS & ECR, E-3A Sentry, Mi-24 Hind, EF- 2000 Eurofighter, EF-18+ Hornet, JAS-39 Gripen and E-2C Hawkeye.

Tiger Meet is a is a tactical-level live-fly military exercise that brings together NATO members’ squadrons distinguished by a tiger emblem since 1961.

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