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Euroferry: Three more bodies recovered on Thursday; 5 people still missing

One more body was discovered by a fire brigade disasters team (EMAK) on the burnt ship Euroferry Olympia later on Thursday, the third in a day. The discovery of the three male bodies raised the number of confirmed fatalities to 5, while another 5 people, truck drivers, are reportedly still missing.

The body was burnt beyond recognition and was found at the third garage of the ferry.

The two other bodies discovered also on Thursday were found in the second and third garage.

The first two bodies were recovered on Sunday and Wednesday.

Two of the bodies has been identified as Greek truck drivers., two of the three in total who were missing.

At total of 280 passengers and crew were rescued during the evacuation right after the fire broke out in the early morning hours of Friday, February 18. A Belorussian truck driver managed to survive over 50 hours in the burning ship and was rescued and without any injuries but in shock on Sunday.

Euroferry Olympia was towed to Astakos port on the coast of western Greece on Wednesday.

Rescue workers are continuing to search the interior of the ferry, while the ship’s main ramp will be lowered once the level of carbon dioxide within the vessel has dropped and there is no risk of fires rekindling.

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