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Greece’s health experts to mull easing of masks mandate indoors

Greece’s health authorities are now expected to begin discussions regarding under what conditions an easing of the mandatory use of masks indoors for indoor venues can begin. Authorities lifted the mandatory use of masks outdoors since Saturday, March 5, 2022.

“We are now in a period of de-escalation of the pandemic in terms of the number of cases, but also regarding the pressure on the national health system, the capacity of hospital beds, serious illnesses and deaths,” said Dimitris Paraskevis, professor of epidemiology and preventive medicine at Athens University.

It is highly unlikely, however, that the mask mandate will be abolished anytime soon on public transportation, which can get very crowded and is often not well ventilated, or in supermarkets.

What is more likely, is that there will be a relaxation of the measure at workplaces, allowing small numbers of vaccinated employees to work without masks so long as windows are open. [kathimerini]

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  1. Yeah cuz Vaccinated people are shown not to spread the virus, nor are mask shown to help at all.

  2. Masks have been shown to be extremely effective in preventing…….. a 300€ fine !

  3. Welcome to Greece, a backward country led by incompetent “experts”.

    • I know what you’re saying — when you look back over 2000 years at people like Hippocrates, Archimedes, Socrates, Plato, etc., you wonder what the hell happened. I’m still waiting for my plumber to come and sort out my washbasin tap — he’s been 3 times already.