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12-year-old boy shot during hunting dies in hospital; perpetrator not identified

A 12-year-old boy who was shot while accompanying his father on wild boar hunting two weeks ago succumbed to his injuries on Friday morning.

The boy from a village in Kalambaka in Trikala prefecture, central Greece, was hospitalized in Thessalonki.

The head injuries he had suffered were very serious and despite doctors’ effort he passed away.

According to local media, while on the wild boar hinting near his home village, the boy was found laying on the ground with a wound on his head.

The boy was transferred to several hospitals and doctors did all they could to keep him alive.
What is interesting is that the perpetrator has not been identified yet.

Authorities reportedly suggest that a hunter in the area mistakenly took the boy for a wild boar and shot at him.

Investigation continues.

Several months ago, a teenager was shot and died in a similar accident.

Why some people think it’s clever to take untrained minors to such “brutal sports” like hunting is a puzzle to me.

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  1. Unfortunately accidents happen. The father was probably handing down the tradition with the most devastating consequences imaginable and only god knows how profoundly he must be suffering for such a tragic loss.

    Gun accidents cost almost as many lives as they save lives and this is why gun safety is so critically important to minimize accidents.

  2. A lot of hunters are very reckless, shooting at just about anything that moves. There was a case in Michigan where a farmer resorted to painting the word “COW” in bright paint on the side of his cattle as some of the cows had been mistakenly identified as deer and shot by hunters.

    • Linda Sutherland

      I live in Greece (though I’m not Greek). In my experience, most hunters here behave responsibly (though they may have a “relaxed” attitude to the finer points of the hunting laws – it’s Greece after all). The problem is that it only takes one idiot to cause a nasty accident.

  3. Why people see such “brutal sports” as “sport” is a puzzle to me.
    We are caretakers of this natural world, not its overlords

  4. Just so sad !

    But if you cannot see your target clearly you should not shot .
    Especially as a shotgun only has a short range .

  5. Suffering !!!!…. he obviously hasn’t been around at the hospital while his son has been dying for the last 2 weeks. He is obviously not even human 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  6. Hunting should be banned, its not a sport, it’s murder of defenseless animals

    • Linda Sutherland

      The problem with the wild pigs is that they have no natural predators in Greece, now that wolves are rare and lions are ancient history, they breed rapidly, and their numbers have exploded in recent years. They cause immense damage. In a single night they can make formerly flat land look like a World War I battlefield, they destroy terrace walls (that are very expensive to repair), and their digging can kill trees that have taken decades to grow. One night’s damage can take many years to fix. I own a small farm in Greece, and the wild pigs are a MAJOR problem. Hunting is the only way to control their numbers, and in my opinion the more of them that get shot the better.

  7. Linda Sutherland

    (1) Never squeeze the trigger unless you can clearly see your target and know what it is. (2) Never squeeze the trigger unless you are certain that a missed shot would pose no danger to anyone (e.g. it would just hit a nearby hillside). The slugs often used for wild pigs in Greece can travel more than 1000 yards, even from a shotgun, and usually in Greece you can’t see clearly for 1000 yards, as there is too much low scrub, so if you are using slugs it is just not safe to shoot in certain directions. (3) If there are other hunters around (who are not part of your own group), it’s probably best to go somewhere else.

  8. No, I don’t see many hunters in Greece behaving “responsibly”. As a matter of fact, I am hiking twice or 3 times per week in the nature and unfortunately, there are hunters shooting in the vicinity almost every time, wherever I go. A few days ago, as we were on a mountain trail, bullets flew over our heads, and even after shouting that there was a group of people, asking the armed men to halt their fire, the shooting continued for several minutes and we had to lay down on the floor to avoid being hit. It’s a miracle that there are not more accidents, as most people in rural areas are armed and shoot at anything that moves.

  9. Dietmar Burmeister

    I really hate all these stupid private hunters. Living on Crete i get in touch with them every winter and most of them donˋt care what they shoot and which animal they shoot. For example, my neighbor is proud of shooting birds because they so delicious, so what? That makes me speechless and furios. But as long the goverment does not declares hard consequences for wild hunting nothing will change. For me as a german it is total incompehensible why this archaic behavior never ends. It is a shame!