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“You Will Want to Stay Forever”: Greece’s Tourism Campaign 2022 (POLL)

An emotional storytelling is in the center of the new campaign of the Greek Tourism Organization EOT for 2022. The campaign runs under the slogan “You Will Want to Stay Forever.”

Protagonist is Otto, an Austrian who visited our country years ago to taste the Greek summer, but he was “captured” by the emotion created by Greece and? He stayed forever!

“When you plan a trip, the first thing you search for are tips from other travelers, based on their personal experiences. And when it comes to summer holidays in Greece, it appears that there is one specific thing, most of them agree on: “…once you’re in Greece, you will want to stay forever”.

And why is that? Because the unpretentious simplicity of Greece – our friendly locals, the narrow alleys, the picturesque boats, the white houses, the everlasting sun, the endless sea, our traditional flavors … all these may act as a “dangerous” temptation, so intense, that you may never want to leave.”

Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said regarding the campaign 2022:

“As one of the five strongest tourism brands in the world with famous landscapes, this year we chose to focus on the emotions caused by the visit to our country. A true story inspires the new promotion campaign of Greece abroad. Through the narration of the experience of a traveler who originally came to our country for vacation, but the peace, simplicity and beauty he experienced, led him to stay, work, start a family in Greece, and finally change his life.Forever.

The campaign, which is already being promoted in target markets of the Greek tourism, is being implemented with the kind support of the Onassis Foundation.

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  1. Can only agree!! Greece has something very special, the friendliness, people really care about, even, a turist! Correct me, if Im wrong, dont you say “philoxenia”? All turists are not respectfull and some behave bad but you Greeks seem to be able to overlook that. Would want to live in Greece but some things just does not work, sadly enough!

  2. Bang average tourist commercial. No offence to Otto but i would have tried to get Tom Hanks for a commercial.

  3. Give it a year and the ad will be for Greek citizens and it will be “You will never be allowed to leave”

  4. You will want to stay forever…but if you are British, dream on lol.

  5. I did want to stay ‘forever’ when I came in 1975 and I stayed very happily.But now if I could I would leave. My three daughters have left and do not plan to return. Greece really was a paradise once. But no more. So sad.