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Athens Pride 2022: “Unconditional” equality for all (videos)

Thousands of people joined the parade of the Athens Pride 2022 that started at Syntagma Square on Saturday afternoon. A colorful event, with lots of music and high spirits, with not only members of the LGBT community but also diplomats, political parties, parents with children and supporters of equal rights for everyone.

The parade and the accompanied festivities run this year under the slogan “Unconditional.”

The focus is on promoting “unconditional education, unconditional equality to marriage and family, unconditional safety, and an unconditional life overall,” according to the festival’s official description. This year’s festival was also called an “unconditional celebration” by the organizers.

Events included concerts, exhibitions, live performances, film screenings and discussions.

Political parties such as left-wing SYRIZA and socialist PASOK-KINAL had stands at the festival, representatives of foreign embassies joined the parade.


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