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Greece CoS: Mandatory vaccination “constitutional”, fine “reasonable”

Greece’s highest court, the Council of State has ruled that the mandatory vaccination against Covid-19 for those aged over 60 is “constitutionally tolerable” and the monthly fine of 10o euros is a “reasonable motive.”

According to a statement issued by the President of the Council of State, the judges participating in the conference of the Supreme Court on the issue of the obligation of vaccination for those over 60 years old ruled that “the measure is constitutionally tolerable.”
The conference reportedly took place on June 27, with the judges examining 4 cases that have appealed against the relevant decision that was issued by several ministries on December 27, 2021.
The cases had appealed the procedure, reasons for exemptions from the mandatory vaccination as well as the fine of 100 euros to be imposed on monthly basis on those over 60 for each month they remained unvaccinated.
The Court rejected all four applications by a minority of one member by a decisive vote and one by an advisory vote.
Among other things, it was considered that the measure of compulsory vaccination of natural persons over 60 years of age, introduced by Article 24 of Law 4865/2021 and specialized in the contested acts, “is a constitutionally tolerable restriction of the individual rights of the parties, because it is based on current and documented scientific and epidemiological data and aims to serve purposes of major public interest, namely the protection of individuals of this age group against serious illness and death, the de-congestion of the health system and the elimination of the risk of occupying all the ICU units in hospitals.”.
Fine of 100 euros is a reasonable motive
The Court ruled further that the fine of 100 euros per month provided for in the provision of Article 24 of Law 4865/2021 is in principle a reasonable motive for the mandatory vaccination of persons over 60 years of age, in view of the aforementioned public interest purposes, how much more that after the suspension of the fine in the period April 15-September 30, 2022, the total amount is limited and may not exceed three hundred (300) euros.
The government imposed the 100-euro fine from January 15 until April 15, when it suspended it ahead of the opening of the tourism season.
50 euros were booked at the tax accounts of non-vaccinated over 60 for each half month Jan and April, and full 100 euro for each month February and March.
PS Whatever the reason in Greece, a 300-euro fine is “reasonable”…. *rolling eyes”
Let’s see if the 300-euros will still be “reasonable” from October 1st, when it will amount to another 300 until the end of the year, summing up to 600 euros for 2022.

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  1. so much for ‘my body, my choice’ then, right? government somehow can dictate what happens to our very bodies? no, nobody else has any right to dictate what happens to or in my body but me, as an adult, and for children only their parents have any right there, nobody else.
    putting greedy corporations and corrupt politicians in charge of peoples’ health and lives? never!
    sorry, all this does is erode any remaining legitimacy of the whole system, and accelerate the whole package together being dumped into the trash. And good riddance to the whole pile of corruption, when it does go!

    • “tolerable restriction of the individual rights” – I don’t even have words. This is absolutely disgusting. Like Carlin said: “You don’t have rights. You have owners”. The lie that the western world recognizes any human rights can pretty much stop now. I will still never take this death shot unless they pin me down and force the needle in me. And when they let me up, they will pay for what they did

  2. I am totally confused by all of this. So the over 60’s need to get a jab (does the jab work against the current version?) otherwise they will still get the 100 euro fine. I am not trying to be controversial but the vaccines do not stop the spread of the covid, they prevent getting ill (maybe seriously) for a month / two?. You can take vits d3, k2, c, zinc etc and help you (which you have to pay for yourself). I find it all very confusing but if judges are clear then maybe they should provide clearer information to the people.

    • Perhaps the least bad option is simply not to treat ppl who opt out for CV

      • so, i would be okay with agreeing to me leave them alone, they leave me alone – i don’t want their ‘health care’ in any form. i’ll excuse myself from their injections, and i also will never ask them to take care of me either, so i cannot possibly be any kind of burden on anyone but myself.

        that’d be fine.
        i also, as i will never cost them a penny, do not want to pay for their garbage ‘care’ either.
        when things are voluntary and people can opt out, then their true value also emerges. If it’s worthless, nobody will want it. forcing people to ‘participate’ under threats is exactly the opposite of civilized behaviour.

        so, i opt out happily! where do i sign that agreement?

      • I think most of the people falling to covid on the stats pass away with it not from it (from the text updates from KTG, it will say – over 70 with x amount of comorbidities etc), so they are in hospital with other diseases and are diagnosed as having the covid whilst there. I could maybe understand the dogmatic approach if it was an old school vaccination shot which provides immunity (normally max 2 shots in a few years?) and stops the spread but we are up to having 4 jabs now. Dosen’t make sense to me..

      • Where do I sign? I will happily give up any treatment should I catch covid if in return nobody tries to force me to take the vaccine. I don’t understand why this is even being discussed still. Everyone with an IQ higher than 10 should know by now that the vax does absolutely nothing useful. I know dozens of people who got three shots and still got sick. But sure, 4th and 5th 2217th shot will definitely work!! This time it’s different!!

  3. Hello KTG, can you provide any link or links for this decision by the court? Either in English or in Greek will be fine. That will be much appreciated

    • keeptalkinggreece

      there is a link on post to media that reported about it

      • Sorry but I don’t understand that, or how to access it. Thank yo

        • keeptalkinggreece

          if not wrong there is —– under the word ‘reportedly’

          • I can see now what the problem has been. If I hover with my mouse over the word “reportedly” in your second paragraph, I see that there’s a link I can click on. But the normal convention would be for the word “reportedly” to display in another colour font, or in bold font, so that your readers can see there is a link there to click on! I’m writing this, just to let you know that there could be a problem with displaying links on your website — if so, it should be easy to fix. Thanks for all your work

          • keeptalkinggreece


  4. I know people vaxxed 3 times who’ve had Covid twice! As overturning Roe/ Wade in the States this decision is obviously purely political. In that case, why have a Council of State anyway. Even the labos admit that it doesn’t work for the new variants. The only thing that makes sense here is government having more control over the population and filling it’s coffers. Doing that on the heads of pensioners is purely disgusting. Mike is right, on the island where I live there have been around 2,800 cases with one person deceased ( she was over 100 ) So what exactly are they trying to protect us against exactly ?

  5. All the people I know who have had covid (at least once!) have been fully vaxxed. Of all the people I know who have not been vaxxed, not one of them has had covid. Our bodies have a natural immune system — once you start introducing synthetic immunity into the body the immune systems starts to weaken – which means that we will probably be forced to have injections every few months.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      of all people I know who had Covid some were vaxxed and had it mild, while the unvaxxed had severe symptoms and some of them also 3 in ICU. 2 survived.

      • Vaccination or not it’s a personal choice. Some people had covid,flu whatever some did not. People can make the right decision for themselves.
        The world is now in a mess after the last two years, its time to move on!

        • keeptalkinggreece

          I too believe it’s personal choice, I disagree with enforcement & fines.
          Proper information and enhancement of national health care systems may have saved more lives.
          and yet: Covid keeps sending people in the hospitals.