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Patras dead siblings: Justice Minister orders disciplinary investigation against two coroners

Justice Minister Kostas Tsiaras has ordered a disciplinary investigation into the two coroners who examined the deaths of the two of three in total dead siblings from Patras. The final result of the latest forensic report in June showed that the two girls, 3.5-year-old Malena and 6-month-old Iris died of suffocation.

Several media and also the public suggest that had the two first coroners done their jon right, 9-year-old Georgina would be still alive.

In a letter to the head of Athens Forensic Service on Monday, Minister Tsiaras ordered a disciplinary audit for possible misdemeanors committed by the competent coroners during the exercise of their duties while investigating the causes of death of the children of the family, Pispirigou-Daskalaki, Malena and Iris.

The Justice Minister reportedly requested that “within the framework of your responsibilities – carry out the necessary control for possible disciplinary offenses, possibly committed by the forensic services that you supervise, in accordance with Law 3772/2009.”

It is recalled that the mother Roula Pispirigou, 33, is already in custody in Korydallos prison in Athens since end of March, for the murder of her first-born 9-year-old daughter Georgina.

She has been summoned to testify as a suspect of committing criminal acts against her other two children, Malena and Iris, after the final results of additional examination into the cause of these two deaths found out that the two girls died of  suffocation.

Summoning the mother for testimony was based not only on the forensic report, but also on more than 50 statements by doctors, nurses, paramedics and people from the mother’s relatives and their evaluation by two First Instance prosecutors.

The mother’s testimony is due later this week.

Roula Pispirigkou categorically denies that she has harmed her children.

After the mother’s testimony, the two prosecutors will decide whether to proceed with new criminal proceedings against her. In this case, a new investigative process against Roula Pispirigou will be launched.

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