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Greece extradites “Mr Bitcoin”, Russian Alexander Vinnik to USA

Russian money launderer, known as “Mr. Bitcoin”, Alexander Vinnik, was put on an airplane to the United States on Thursday after being extradited by Greece. He was arrested on an US warrant in Halkidiki while on holiday with his family in 2017.

Vinnik had sought asylum in the country but this was rejected after a long procedure.

According to sources, the operation to extradite the 43-year-old, whose financial dealings earned him the nickname “Mr Bitcoin,” was carried out in the utmost secrecy and was in line with a decision of Greece’s Supreme Court.

Vinnik stands accused in the United States of laundering $4 billion via a Bitcoin scheme. He denies the charges.
Before being extradited to the US, he also served time in France for similar offenses but was acquitted of extortion and association with a criminal enterprise, before being returned to Greece earlier this week.

Vinnik has fought his extradition to the US and asked that he be sent to Russia instead, where, he claims, he has better changes of having a fair trial. [ with kathimerini]

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