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Summer rainstorm floods Volos; two injured; Wind-spout on Lemnos

It started to pour in Volos short before 5 o’ clock Sunday afternoon and within an hour the heavy rainstorm lasted, it flooded main roads, homes and businesses in the capital of the regional unit of Magnisia in Central Greece. Two people were injured.



The phenomenon hit the area with torrential rains, gale-force winds, heavy lightning and hail in several parts of the area.

Cars were stopped due to lack of visibility and were trapped in the flooded roads.

Among those trapped in the waters that reached 50 cm was a family with an 8-month-old baby. Volunteers of the Fire Service approached the vehicle and the desprate parents handed first the baby to them, one volunteer told media.

Trees fell down or were uprooted, also in the courtyard of a school where the fence was damaged as well.

The Fire Department receives many calls for help and so did the Central Port Authority of Volos as many boats were out at the sea, despite the warnings of the meteorologists.

A man and a woman were injured when branches fell from a tree. The couple was not seriously injured.

Locals blamed the mayor saying that he had not clean the gutters despite the weather warnings.

In short time, the weather front moved further to the east, to the Sporades islands. A lighting caused a fire on Alonissos, that was put out quickly due to immediate response of the Fire Service.

The intense weather phenomena stroke also the Halkidiki peninsula, in northern Greece. Roads turned into rivers on the coast of Nea Propontia, Nea Flogita and Nea Plagia.

The region of Sykia was hit by heavy hail.

An impressive and scary waterspout was formed off the coast of Paliouri earlier.


See videos of the WaterSpout in Paliouri here.

A hail and powerful winds stroke the island of Thassos, lightning bolts caused several small fires near the communities of Panagia and Limenas.

The tornado that appeared in the area of ​​Limnos airport and lasted for five minutes. No damage was caused,

Sunday was forecast to be the peak of the bad weather front for which meteorologists had issued a warning.

Until the early morning hours of Monday, the intense weather phenomena will affect Macedonia, Thessaly, Evia, east Sterea and Attica.

Significant weather improvement with temperature rise as of Monday, August 15, 2022.

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