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Big operation to save a duck with a soda can stuck on its beak (pcts)

A huge mobilization with rescuers of EMAK fire service and volunteers was launched with the aim to save a duck from immediate danger in Lake Beletsi.

The adult animal had a damaged soda can stuck on its lower beak and it was at risk to die of starvation and thirst.

Visitors of the lake had seen the suffering duck already on Monday and called local authorities and animal welfare associations. But it wasn’t until Tuesday that the operation “Save the Duck” could be organized.

From time to time the duck would make loud sounds in despair, and so drew the visitors’ attention.

Next to the duck there was always a small turtle obviously in support and solidarity with the suffering lake-pal.

Tuesday morning when the rescuers of EMAK arrived they first started to limit the duck’s space.

Το πρώτο σκέλος της επιχείρησης ήταν να περιοριστεί ο χώρος της πάπιας

One rescuer on a canoe approached the scared animal.

Αξιωματικός της ΕΜΑΚ επιχειρεί να πιάσει την πάπια

He managed to grab it and bring it to the shore.

With careful moves he removed the can from the duck’s beak.

The rescue was welcomed with cheers and applaud by the volunteers, members of the animal welfare society of Agios Stefanos, local authorities, firefighters and visitors.

Η Π.Υ. του 6ου σταθμού έστησε την επιχείρηση στη λίμνη Μπελέτσι

Next step was to transfer the duck to ANIMA, the Wildlife Animal Protection Association, where it will stay for some time until its wounds are healed and fully recovers from the adventure.

Once again once again the question of the pollution of the area due to the many visitors was raised.

“The huge mobilization that took place thanks to private individuals and the Association of Volunteer Animal Rescuers of Agios Stefanos finally paid off. The Fire Department and EMAK managed to catch the poor animal, which was trapped with a piece of a soft drink can. This last one is symbolic, since the garbage of our culture becomes traps for our poor cohabitants. But since it was saved thanks to the sensitivity of people, the cause is not lost… The can was removed but it has caused a rather serious wound in the duck’s beak and tongue,” ANIMA said in a statement.

Lake Beletsi is located at an altitude of 650 meters on Mt Parnitha, in the north of Athens.

it is an artificial lake, where ducks, turtles and fish were added by the first settlers of the area 45 years ago, reported daily

Lat yer there were two operations to save ducks and turtles from the icy-cold waters of the Lake Beletsi.

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