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Wiretapping: 3 in 4 Greeks believe PM Mitsotakis has “personal responsibility”

Three in four Greek citizens, 75%, believe that Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has personal responsibility for the wiretapping, public opinion poll by the Public Issue has found. 19% of Greeks believes that he does not have.

According to the same poll, one in three (35%) of New Democracy voters believes to the PM’s responsibility.

Descanting on picture: ND< SYRIZA, PASOK?KINAL< KKE< Greek Solution, MeRA25. Even if the political scandal shake the political landscape in the country, the issue is not top priority for Greeks who try to make ends meet ahead of a tough winter with highest energy prices and cost of living. According to a poll conducted by Marc for newspaper Proto Thema: 84.2% of Greeks are concerned about the soaring costs and the difficult winter ahead, 36.4% worry about national affairs issues and Turkish provocations, 30.2% are concerned about crime and violence, 26.3% about the War in Ukrainε and just 16% seem to be interested and worried about phone tapping In another pool published over the weekend, conducted by GPO for newspaper TA NEA, 58,3% of respondents said the wiretapping "harms" or "rather harms" the government. In some recent polls after the scandal, N=ruling New Democracy seems to keep the 8.7% lead ahead of main opposition SYRIZA, while in others the lead had dropped to 6.3 percent. Whether the wiretapping scandal or the soaring cost of living the conservative government seems to be in free fall and nothing could reverse it, while the ND dreams of “single party government” rather vanish in the air.

Ex minister and Mitsotakis ‘s sister Dora Bakoyiannis revealed to Skai TV on Monday morning that “many ND lawmakers are seeking a new elections law.”

A political life jacket through a new electrions law the same ND changed two years ago?

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