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Spectacular “Athens Flying Week” celebrates 10th anniversary Sept 17-18

“Athens Flying Week”, the largest air show in Greece, will take place at the air base of Tanagra in north-west Athens on September 17 and 18. The spectacular air show celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Participants include Saudi Arabia, with its F-15 wearing the anniversary colors; Switzerland with the F-18 Hornet Display, that inspired the new Top Gun film; and France’s Rafale Solo Display.

Acrobatic formations will include the “Falcons of Jordan”, thrice-awarded by the Royal International Air Tattoo of Britain, and Poland’s Orlik group with seven aircraft as well as the Flying Bulls acrobatic helicopter Bo105.

Italian champion Luca Bertiosso and his Glider, as well as Luca Salvadori with the single-engine “Silver Chicken” will also appear.

The public will have the opportunity to see close up the new Greek Rafale, F-15 “Zeus”, T-6 “Daedalus”, as well as the legendary Spitfire.

An AH-64 Apache helicopter of the Hellenic Army will be on show, while the Special Forces will be joined by the Army, the Air Force and the Navy in an enactment of a search and rescue mission under conditions of war.

UPDATE: Οι συμμετοχές αυξάνονται! – Athens Flying Week

Tickets for the public are available through, its affiliated sellers and via the show website here.

Detailed program of the Athens Flying Week in English here.


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