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Superyacht “007” sinks off Kythnos: GPS to blame for the accident?

The Superyacht 007 remains submerged off the beach of Kolonas on the island of Kythnos in the central Aegean Sea, still four days after it ran aground on Friday evening. The large inflow of water gradually tilted the 47-meter-long vessel to the left.

Local residents, the coast guard and members of the municipality rushed to the area with first priority to rescue the passengers, the captain, his wife and their 8-month old baby, and the crew, a total of five people.

While the accident took place around 10 o’ clock Friday night, the next morning floating protection nets were installed around the yacht to prevent any sea pollution.

A local reporter from Kythnos TV told Skai TV that this was possible because the port authority of Kythnos has stored such nets and that there are locals trained for their placement.

Procedures for its removal have already started. A towing company has arrived in Kythnos and is considering how to tow the ultra-luxury boat. Priority is to pump fuel from the yacht so that a specialized company will be able to remove it from the water.

The reasons for the accident of the ultra-luxury boat “007” which has associated its name with James Bond,  remain unknown, considering the value of the boat estimated at several millions euros.

According to local media cyclades, it was the GPS that seemed to not have the proper information and led the yacht to shallow waters.

The captain’s wife told Kythnos TV that the GPS showed the distance with a deviation of 10 grades.

According to Greek Coast Guard, the yacht was found in a semi-submerged state, while the five passengers incl the crew, all of them foreign nationals, were not in danger.

The vessel operated by a Swiss businessman, Greek media reported.


The incident took place at Kolona Bay, one of the most picturesque beaches in Greece,  a favorite destination for yachts. The yacht submerged at a distance of 15 meters from the shore, the Costa Guard said

The Coast Guard announced that the yacht is now in an almost fully submerged state.

On the positive side, is that the boat did not sink and no marine pollution was caused, media reported.

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