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Drunken Britons create havoc on London-Heraklio flight

Panic prevailed on a flight from London to Heraklion, Crete, when two highly intoxicated Britons created a havoc, media reported.

According to information by local media cretapost, two men aged 31 and 32, who were very drunk, were shouting, swearing and did not comply with the crew’s instructions.

They created a great disturbance and upset the crew and the other passengers.

As soon as the plane landed late on Tuesday 6/9, police officers of the Heraklio Airport department arrested the two Britons for obstruction and causing danger to traffic.

They are now in custody at the Heraklion airport police station, reports cretapost.gr on Wednesday morning.

Last week, a 22-year-old drunk Briton forced the flight London-Paphos, Cyprus to divert to Thesaloniki, Greece.

PS Slowly I start thinking there should be an alcohol test before boarding on a plane…

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  1. Brits abroad — sometimes they are an embarrassment (but mostly when they are on land, not in the air). Glad they were arrested — people like that give the British a bad name.

  2. As far as I am aware it is the the responsibility of the airline to make sure sure people are in a fit state to fly and not to endanger other passengers and staff. Clearly this is an ongoing failure of the airlines to police this matter. It is horrible for me as a British national to see this deplorable behaviour and having these individuals locked up on arrival and sent back on the next available flight should be the best action. Furthermore their names taken and recorded to stop them coming back to Greece again.

    This kind of yobbish behaviour is one of many reasons I felt I did not want to live in the UK any more, to allow them to come here and abuse people because they feel they are untouchable sends a poor message to all those involved

    • This definitely an ongoing problem. It is complicated to test individuals quickly to make a decision whether to allow them to fly or not. However, the penalties should be very severe financially and with jail time when these incidents are created.

  3. Behaviour like this warrants a ban on their flying anywhere at all for a year or 2 !