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Turkish mayor: “I become kamikaze, blow myself up among Greek soldiers”

A Turkish mayor announced that he will become a suicide bomber and will blow himself up among Greek soldiers. The man wannabe-kamikaze Tansu Ozcan is the mayor of Bolu, north-western Turkey, elected with the ticket of Kemalist opposition party CHP.

“I am even becoming a suicide bomber against Greece. As a Turkish nationalist, under the orders of our commander-in-chief Erdogan,” he said

He asked president Recep Tayyip Erdogan to give Greece a deadline of 24 hours and it does not withdraw from the islands, people should “put on their military uniforms.”

“Athens is the army’s first target,” he claimed.

“If Erdogan is ready, I am also ready to become a kamikaze, to blow myself up among Greek soldiers,” he stated.

“Who does not follow is a coward!” he wrote on twitter.

Earlier, he accused the Greeks of occupying the Turkish islands.

In addition, he called on Erdogan not to procrastinate with his threat that “we may come suddenly one night” and asked that no time is wasted.

PS I have no idea what they drink and smoke, those over there, in Turkey, but the stuff seems pretty much expired.

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  1. Mr. Mayor, I like all Greeks that I know welcome your challenge. 24 hours is reasonable but not 25 hours. Pls. don’t make us wait for satisfaction. You can blow yourself up and I’m sure your family won’t mind.

    Keep your word.
    Don’t wait 24 years because your country is breaking apart now and will be further in shambles
    Can you imagine if you attack Greece?
    Kurds will invade
    Iraq will invade
    Greece will divide your country in half. You have no friends….Pakistan is too far my friend.
    It will be sad if you blow yourself up….you will not get to see your own defeit.

    Cheers..remember 24 hours!!!!
    Don’t disappoint or you are impotant.

  2. Just how does this stubborn pirate seeking to exemplify Darwinism expect to place himself among Greek soldiers?

  3. LOL!!!
    Such an idiot! All talk and no trousers!

  4. Turkey!!!!!.
    The greatest comedy show on earth

  5. He has competition. Erdogan recruits crying little girls for martyrs.


  6. This talk is a compensation, because he don’t have balls !

  7. Dimirtris Karamanlis

    Turks choke us with their saliva. Please Let’s not raise the tension.

  8. It is against the law for citizens to threaten.
    How can states be exempt from violating such criminality.

    Disrespecting laws must bear consequences, otherwise, what good are they.