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They dig up dead from their graves for a new road to pass through the cemetery

Unbelievable scenery in Achaia: They are digging up the dead from their graves to make way for a new road.

What is happening in Kaminia of Achaia, northern Peloponnese, is unprecedented even for Greece. In the cemetery of the area, the dead are being removed from their graves in order for a new road to pass through.

to other solution was found for the new road and so the deceased had to abandon their final resting place and find a new one.

As a local resident, a journalist and widow of a man buried in the said cemetery, reportedly denounced to newspaper peloponnisos,gr, the Church had encroached public space and the relevant ministry refused any technical solution proposed with the aim to keep the cemetery intact.

Widow Aggeliki Anifanti posted pictures of the “official vandalism” on her social media account and wrote:

“Scenes of ancient tragedy are unfolding in the last days in the Cemetery of Kaminia, Achaia,. Mothers are burying their children again, families are burying their beloved ones for one more time…pain and sadness are abundant. They refused a technical solution that would leave the Cemetery intact. The Nishops has also blessed the actions.”

In fact, Angeliki Anifanti also uploaded typical photos on her personal Facebook account.

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  1. Digging up a cemetary to let a road be built? Where have are our values gone? This is terrible.

    Why could not the road have gone around the cemetary instead?

    • that is exactly the problem. today’s ruling class are power-drunk machine worshippers. people exist only as servants, and insofar as we still have any property, we exist so that we can be forced to lose that property. then , we are disposable. respect for the dead? those monsters wouldnt even understand the concept.
      the sooner we get rid of these psychopaths the sooner we will return to an actual human civilization!