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Turkey threatens to “cut off gas supply to Greece” and “turn it into Ukraine”

Turkey threatened Greece that it would cut off the natural gas supply and warned that the country could turn into …Ukraine. This is the latest development and escalation of war-mongering and aggressive rhetoric by both the Turkish Foreign Minister and the nationalist government partner of Erdogan, the MHP.

MHP leader Devlet Bahceli challenged Greece saying it should not wage the finger at Turkey, “because we will cut off its natural gas supply via tha TAP pipeline.”

The leader to fascist Grey Wolves said that “Turkey is the safest corridor for transporting rich natural gas and oil resources from the Middle East, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Caucasus to Europe. The line that transports energy to Greece is TANAP. It will be in favor of energy security for this country if it stops pointing the finger at Turkey and stops testing our patience.”

He lashed out at Greece and the other countries that reacted negative to the signing of the new Turkish-Libyan agreement last week.

“The hydrocarbon agreement that our country signed with Libya is also of a historical nature and has greatly disturbed Western countries,” he added.said.

Furthermore, Bahceli argued that Europe will get cold this year, unlike Turkey, which is not going to face such a problem.

Other officials and generals joined the anti-Greek chorus saying that the “the militarization of the Greek islands is a threat to Turkey”, and describing the port of Alexandroupolis in North-East Greece as well as the islands of Lesvos and Samos as “the hottest Greek dangerous spots.”

Hawks among them claimed to expel the US Ambassador for the USA has equipped the islands and urged the Parliament to decide as the islands militarization is “a cause of war.”

Running out of arguments, Turkey’s top diplomat, FM Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Greece “is pathetic. It goes to others crying and begging.”

PS I suppose their leader has much to often contacts with Putin and copy pastes Russian revisionism.

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  1. I happened to travel by ferry from Levos to Chios once on the day the troops based there were being changed. If the number of troops and their light military vehicles I saw represent a threat to Turkey then it must have a pretty weak defence force. The idea of Greece attacking Turkey with the military personnel and equipment they have on the islands close to the Turkish coast is ludicrous.

  2. Turkey just looking for excuses to pound on Greece