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Missing 14-year-old girl was kidnapped, sexually abused, charity says

A 14-year-old girl who went missing from Nikaia, a district near the port of Piraeus, on October 7, was found in Markopoulo, east Attica, on Wednesday. The girl had informed her parents who picked her up.

However, a child protection charity says the girl was kidnapped and sexually abused.

Charity Hamogelo tou Paidiou (Child’s Smile) said in a press release the girl was abducted by an unspecified number of adults in Nikaia and “experienced horrors” in their hands.

“She had a horrible time with them these days and was abused both physically and sexually,” charity President Kostas Giannopoulos told Mega channel on Thursday, adding that her kidnappers “were forced” to let her go because of the publicity her disappearance attracted.

The teen has now been reunited with her family while a psychologist from the charity is providing psychological, he said, kathimerini reports.

The child kidnappers remain on the run.

The case is the icing on the top of the heinous crime that shakes the Greek society: the sexual abuse and pandering of a 12-year-old girl by several men in Athens.

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