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Thessaloniki: Student falls from 3rd floor during class in jam-packed auditorium

Clashes between students and riot police erupted on Tuesday at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki during protests in in solidarity with a 19-year-old student who fell from the third floor of the Law School building during class in a jam-packed auditorium on Monday morning.


According to reports, the auditorium where the class was held was suffocatingly full and as result dozens of student were forced to sit on the window ledges as they had no space to stand even on the steps. Equally crowded was the corridor outside the classroom, daily efsyn reported.


With an ambulance the student was rushed to a nearby hospital. A CT scan showed fractures in arm and shin. Information indicates that he has been seriously injured, however, his life is not in danger.

the picture below shows the falling course of the student.


The incident infuriated students as it occurred after the decision of the Department to bring together two of the three in total classes on Criminal Law course and thus due to teaching staff shortage.


the course was taking place in a room that could not support the number of attending students. As it became known, the 19-year-old underwent a CT scan and it was found that he has fractures in his arm and shin.



Students are also angry that the government’s policy spent “tens of millions on the establishment of the totally unnecessary and ineffective university police force, while making terrible cuts to public education and the budget for universities and student welfare,” as they say.

According to local media on Tuesday, students with their faces covered attacked with stones the riot police stationed at one of the campus entrances.


Police responded with flash-bang grenades and chased the rioters to the Faculty of Philosophy.


Wednesday afternoon and students continue their protest outside the Dean’s office.

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One comment

  1. I hope this very bad event creates a wake up call to the educational system. I work in education and schools plan a yearly curriculum based on student needs, and they should not schedule everyone for the same class at the same time. That is poor management. They should offer a different option for students who will not fit in the other class. If they had teaching shortages, they break the students up and be taught multiple times by the same instructor. Ideally they should present course subject A for x number of students and course subject B for y number. Then switch the courses in the following term.

    I agree with students that too much money has been spent on law enforcement and not on structural improvements (the physical conditions of the schools are deplorable) or increased teachers or better management. Again, it’s sad someone has to get hurt seriously for them to open their eyes.