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Watch STORM EVA Live – Civil Protection instructions

Storm EVA has already started to affect Greece and rainfalls have been recorded in the Ionian islands and parts of the West of the country since Saturday morning.

Watch Live STORM EVA

Saturday noon, the National Meteorological Service EMY has updated its RED ALERT emergency bulletin from Thursday, however, there are no deviations from the original forecast.

EMY warns of torrential rainfalls and heavy thunderstorms with intense lightning, stormy winds, locally hail.

See which areas and when are affected by EVA here on KTG.

The Civil Protection is holding an emergency meeting Saturday noon, November 5. Together with the Fire Service they issued safety instructions for the citizens, warning them. among others:

  • to avoid unnecessary travel during and after rainfalls and storms
  • to avoid crossing on foot or with vehicle swollen streams and rivers as well as “Irish crossings.”

During Storm with lightning

  • to disconnect TV sets from antenna and electricity
  • to not touch water pipes also inside the home (kitchen, bathroom).
  • to not hold electric appliances and phones.

Summary details here.

KTG will keep you updated with all the latest developments and warnings as usual.

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