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Greece’s Pediatricians urge the return of face masks indoors

The Panhellenic Federation of Freelance Pediatricians proposes the return of the universal use of the protective face masks indoors, due to the concern that prevails with the development of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Pediatricians, the estimates of the European Center for Infection Prevention (ECDC) on the spread of the variants of the corona virus in Greece are of particular concern and the return of the mask to indoor spaces is necessary.

In particular, the ECDC estimates that the BQ.1 variant (also spreading in Greece ) will have infected 80% of Europe’s population by February, while it estimates that there will be an increase in coronavirus infections in the coming weeks.

The ECDC even, as pediatricians report, characterizes the BQ.1 mutation, including its sub-types, as “particularly important.” BQ.1.1 has already been detected in 29 countries, as announced by the World Health Organization.

In fact, as early evidence shows, the mutant strain BQ.1 can escape immunity, causing frequent reinfections.

Thus, the Panhellenic Federation of Freelance Pediatricians, in a letter to the Minister of Health, proposes the return of the mask to closed spaces.

Specifically, they propose:

  • The universal application of protective masks in all closed spaces
  • The use of air purifiers in all classrooms of all educational levels
  • The opening of the booster dose of vaccination against Covid-19 for all children and adolescents aged 5-17 years.

According to the Pediatricians, low temperatures are coming and almost all activities are being moved indoors.

They also point out that a significant period of time has passed since the completion of the basic vaccination against Covid-19 for children and adolescents and there is now an increased morbidity, both of the influenza virus and of other respiratory viruses, resulting in an increase in the number of pediatric patients in hospital wards, medical news website reports on Thursday.

More information on coronavirus in Greece here.

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